How to navigate your Saturn Return

Saturn Returns


Navigating the Saturn Return

I was compelled to write about this issue because of some events I’ve read about recently which I will get into later. This is an important time in the course of your life, especially the first one. This is the Saturn return that seems to draw the most interest from astrology practitioners and fans, because it is the transition into adulthood. It’s like the first big hurdle on the road of life. So what is it exactly?

Saturn is the debt collector. It’s an aspect of yourself that you will have to work at, overcome, with not much of a reward. Except you will know how to “get over” it. It’s kind of like back taxes, but in the karmic sense. By the time you’re 30, Saturn says “buckle down and get this done”. Fears and apprehensions that you’ve had , issues that you may have swept under the rug will all show themselves , and how you handle them will be up to you.

What is Saturn

Saturn rules Capricorn , exalted in Libra, and rules Aquarius as well in classic astrology. Working, discipline, fears, delays to name a few of it’s characteristics. Now looking at all the Saturn signs what is the thing that you notice. It’s that Saturn is ruled by rational and logical signs. The process to work and working itself is supposed to be executed in a linear way. You build something and it may take time, but if you follow directions it’s simple , if tedious.  So natives with strong Saturn may have a more practical and logical outlook on their shortcomings.  Out of shape? Not so bad I just need a plan and stick to it. New endeavor? If I follow things by the book, I should be fine nothing to worry about.  Practical responses or handling of fears. So if there are some goals that are basically cut out for you, and you’re approaching 30, you may sense a fire lit up under your behind.

Saturn is unfavorable in fire and water signs. Why? because fire and water are not reason and logic based elements. They are “spirit body” elements. Right brained elements. Saturn in Aries is in fall (fear of asserting yourself, taking charge), Saturn in Leo is in fall (fear of  self expression and ego) , Saturn in Cancer is in detriment (fear of things beyond your family, home surroundings).  These are fears that aren’t necessarily rooted in reason, but a “feeling” or intuition. Why would Saturn in Cancer fear a new neighborhood. Even if every why , what ,where is answered to satisfaction. If all those questions are answered adequately there should be no qualms right? But Cancer is a feeling sign. So even if on paper everything is ok, the feelings will still creep in.


How not to handle Saturn



What compelled me to write this, and basically the straw that broke Saturn’s ring, was the suicide of former NFL player Paul Oliver who was 29. He is the third famous 29 year old who has committed suicide under this Saturn in Scorpio transit. Saturn in Scorpio is fears based around intimacy, and giving up independence. Austerity from denial of income and assistance. But that denial comes from the native, because they don’t allow others to get close, they tend to not want to share. So this leads to loneliness.

Gia Allemund,  29,  (12/20/83) had Saturn approaching Venus along with natal Saturn. Loss of income, relationships, social connections. Committed suicide.  Lee Thompson young,29, ( 2/1/84) had Saturn in Scorpio returning. It was squaring his Sun (depression) . Paul Oliver ,29 (3/30/84) had an overwhelming amount of Pisces energy which is prone to inflicting damage to self. And had transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto along with the other two.

These individuals likely did not think that this was simply a phase, and a test. It’s over within a year or so. So if you hit long rough patches just know that it doesn’t last forever. The lessons you learn will last forever though.

What to do.

Exercise Saturn principles to the best of your ability. Feeling stressed, or saddened etc,  work on something. Spend your time productively. Saturn in each sign means different things to different people, but the LAST thing you want to do is wallow. Saturn wants us to focus in on what needs attention, what needs work, and wants us to go and do it. So go do it. Set benchmarks and goals. Depending on the Saturn sign and placement those goals should be different.  For example, Saturn in Aries. You fear stepping into the unknown. Make a list of things you think you would want to try, and then start doing them and checking things off that list. Not only will you get used to just stepping out and acting, but you can see a log of what progress you’ve been making which just adds to your self-esteem further. To  believe and to know you’re making things happen.


Saturn return stories, advice? Please share with your experiences below.





  1. I haven’t had my return yet, but its coming in two years when Saturn is in Sag 🙂 I’m trying to prepare for it now. Its helpful having it in Scorpio now, because it will be in my 8th when it returns. I’m working on clearing out as much debt as I can before Saturn arrives. As for the Sag part of Saturn – Saturn is strong, but I have my Sun and Moon in Sag too and they’re also strong. Sometimes I view Sag things in a “so much work” Saturn way, and other times in a carefree, happy Sun/Moon way. I just need to find a way to balance the two.

    • May actually turn out to be a helpful grounding influence. Saturn returning that is. Kind of a heavy energy for both the Sun and Moon though. So keeping the spirits high is important.

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