NBA astrology 2k12′ edition


NBA astrology 2k12' edition 1
With the emergence of New York Knicks free agent point guard turn hero Jeremy Lin; I was compelled to reevaluate the astrology of the current stars as well as take another look back.

88′ power cluster

The last 3rd of 1988 has spawned a seemingly incredible crop of young stars. Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook all have Mars Aries. I’m not sure at the moment why this particular stretch of Mars Aries has produced such a group of players. Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook have fire moons to go along with the Mars Aries helping to augment their explosive athleticism. One issue that needs to be watched closely is back issues due to Saturn in Sagittarius. Derrick Rose is the first one to show the effects of that with chronic back spasms.

The new kid on the block so to speak Jeremy Lin was also born in the same period in 1988 and has Mars Aries as well. Over the past 4 game winning streak, Lin has provided assertiveness, leadership , and charisma which are all positive traits of Mars Aries. (Baron Davis who is on the bench recovering from a back injury for the Knicks is also a Mars Aries native).

Around the league

Timberwolves young point guard Ricky Rubio has been a major catalyst in the Timberwolves run . His Mars Gemini is showing ( great hands) in his assist and steals stat columns. The thing to look out for with Mars Gemini’s is they have great hands ( Patrick Ewing, and Zach Randolph are two big men who have/ had this placement) as Gemini rules hands, lungs , and arms. But at the expense of the knees and legs , which is not nearly as detrimental to big men as a point guard. Rubio has actually been a professional since he was 14 so he’s been playing for a while now and not a true rookie in the sense of the word. We will have to see how his legs hold up.

Blake Griffin is another Mars Gemini native who will have to look out for leg issues . Saturn Capricorn will manifest itself in the joints, skin, and bones so that’s something to keep an eye on also.

A look back

A look back at the 1992 dreamteam reveals some very interesting astrological facts. The entire roster’s sun signs complimented each other. The sun being a mans fundamental expression of masculinity means that in male professional sports this needs to be the first characteristic evaluated.

Here are some interesting facts about the 92′ dreamteam roster:

– 6 Leos ( Magic Johnson, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, David Robinson, and Christian Laettner).

– Dynamic air sign duo ( Michael Jordon Aquarius, and Scottie Pippen Libra)

– Shooter and disher extraordinaires ( Larry Bird Sagittarius and John Stockton Aries)

– The entire roster was masculine signs.

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