New moon in Gemini 2016 | Grand crossroad

A new moon in Gemini will take place on June 4th 2016 at 11:00pm est while at 14 degrees Gemini.  The moon will also conjunct Venus in Gemini. And forms a grand cross with a square to Jupiter and North Node in Virgo, square to Neptune in Pisces, and opposes Saturn RX in Sagittarius. A momentous time for those who are second decan mutable signs.

New moon in Gemini

Under the full moon in Sagittarius, we focused on shedding assumptions. Now during this new moon it’s important for us to embrace the idea of fact based analysis and judgement. Rational thought is one of the tenets of Mercury ruled, air sign Gemini. With that comes a responsibility to restrain blind faith and conclusion jumping in favor of using the mind and logic.

This period is also the perfect period to write a book that has been on the back burner. Write a paper or report that needs to be typed up and edited. Now is the time for that, and the stars will support your efforts in doing so.

Major transits

As mentioned before this new moon is a part of a mutable grand cross! The challenge with the squares to Jupiter in Virgo is that communication and the act of writing facts excessive scrutiny for a plethora of reasons. There fore doesn’t get completed. Virgo can sometimes stall all progress in any arena due to it’s critical nature. In Jupiter passes Virgo this becomes excessive. And with the moon and Venus aspecting Jupiter very tight the tension is at its peak. If you think whatever you’re creating is not good enough get someone else to look at it for you for more impartial feedback. At least it is a square to Jupiter though, and when we bypass these small ruts benefits await.

The moon is squaring Neptune in Pisces in this combination. Be conscious of illusory thoughts that can impede forward progress. It might be better for you to remain sober minded this weekend and abstain from any intoxicants.

Lastly, about the opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius aspect from the moon in Gemini. While me must learn to abandon complete blind faith, we must not fear the unknown at the same time.

These forces are working against each other at the moment and it may seem like a confusing four way stop. But it can provide us with valuable learning experiences because of the opposing forces making us use our ingenuity.  Resistant forces build muscle.


The new moon is in an air sign so that means we must communicate through the written or spoken word. This is the message in a bottle type ritual. Writing down what you need, and then sending out a bottle into a body of water like a lake or the ocean. Send out this message in a glass bottle not plastic.  If you are in a land locked send the message up attached to a balloon, or bury the message in the ground near a healthy plant.


Speak your mind !