New moon in Pisces – March 2019


New moon in Pisces 2019

The next big cosmic event is the March 6th new moon in Pisces, which is occurring March 6th 11:03 am est. at 16′ Pisces.

In the final new moon of the astrological new year we should be focused on higher morals, trusting our instincts, and non judgement. It has been intense in society since the last full moon in terms of fighting, arguing.  Mercury’s culmination during the last full moon brought about feelings that quickly turned into inflammatory rhetoric. Now as we ease into this new moon, the focus will shift to compassion and understanding…service to others.

Let your mind wander and open up to new possibilities, new visions. Fall back from the intensity of your hectic life if your schedule allows it. This period of time should help you brainstorm of new ideas, if you allow yourself to relax and just let ideas come to you. Spend time outside in nature, or somewhere quiet in solitude. Spend time doing some “lazy” hobbies that feed your creative spirit.


Aspects during the new moon

In addition to the Sun and moon being conjunct in Pisces, Neptune will also be conjunct in Pisces by 1 degree. This is the energy of dissolution. Ethereal is the key word for this day. Don’t be surprised if it’s a very sleepy day. This 3 planet conjunct sextiles Mars in Taurus, the sign of Mars’ detriment. Purposeful but slow, Mars is in a relaxed state under Taurus too. These planets positively aspect strong Saturn in Capricorn which anchors this Pisces trio somewhat. This minor grand trine should help cultivate your creativity.

Sleep I suspect will be important during this new moon. So I recommend moving with the cosmos and not against them. If you feel tired or sleepy during this time, the cosmos wants it for you.  Stay in, recharge, engage in a creative outlet. Pick up that instrument that you haven’t in a while, or that pen, or paintbrush. Meditate, rest up. We are weeks away from the beginning of a brand new year and brand new opportunities will require our energy when Aries arrives.


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