New moon in Sagittarius 2018

new moon in sag 2018 astrochologist

New moon in Sagittarius

The new moon in Sagittarius will take place at 2:20am EST December 7th. This moon phase asks us to open ourselves and our minds up to new knowledge, and new experiences. Explore possibilities you’d normally shun. Take a chance on an experience where there are unknowns.

During the full moon in Gemini I said that it was a time to withdraw from gossip and what not. That process and mindset change takes some time so now under this phase we have the framework of what to replace it with.

Sagittarius wants us to take leaps of faith trusting our intuition, but not necessarily knowing the outcome. That’s what the arrow of the archer represents. We take a shot but aren’t sure of the outcome. The arrow could hit its mark, it could land in a lake, it could get stuck in a tree. Those are the experiences that give us worldly knowledge. We learn that there’s a tree in one direction and we don’t shoot it there anymore. Until finally we know exactly where to apply our energies (progressing into Capricorn).

Now is an opportunity to affirm, or reaffirm our commitment to seeking knowledge and higher wisdom, and the truth.

What I’m going to do personally is make a list of things I want to learn and haven’t done yet and commit to doing them. I want to take up a martial art. I’m writing it down and committing to it.

Make a list of 3 things that interest you that you want to learn. And start trying them out.


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