New moon in Taurus 2016 : The word became flesh

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A new moon in Taurus will occur on May 6th, 2016 at 3:29 pm est at 16 degrees Taurus after a cathartic full moon Scorpio period where many chords have been cut in individuals lives, and  deaths famous and not so famous have occurred.


The Taurus new moon is the time to make new ideas hatched during Aries, and turn them into realities through building. The Taurus is paid homage to on Wall st. with its golden calf statue, representing good fortune. The Taurus also represents the sowing of seeds. The bull that hauls the till through the farmer’s soil. So Taurus is all about benevolence, opulence, physical manifestation and pleasure. Especially of food. Taurus is a foodie like their sextile sign Cancer. A wonderful example of this is Jason Brown who became a farmer after his NFL career. His birthday is May 5th.  That is a Taurus who is truly living out his sign.

Favorite Taurus past time
Favorite Taurus past time


You must take your own seeds and plant them. Ideas must become realities. Some people struggle mightily with this transition. Ideas just stay in their heads, and ideas keep on swirling around. They end up frustrated because it seems like nothing is happening in their favor. If you feel this way, you need to follow this ritual especially.

New moon ritual :

  • Buy a new plant of some kind, flower, bush, vegetable, whatever you wish.
  • On May 6th, plant the plant.
  • Write down your goals on a piece of paper that need to manifest for you to reach material success, and write down your end goal.
  • Plant the paper in the ground next to the plant, burn a purple candle while watering it.
  • Water the plant as often as that specific plant type needs to be watered.

The consistency of you watering the plant is a metaphor for the dedication and persistence needed to build something substantial on the physical plane. Do you do the work? Or let projects and ideas simply die out. If you don’t do the work, your ideas will die before they bear fruit.

Another focus is to embrace and indulge the 5 senses. In Scorpio, the full moon asked us to release some needs if they weren’t serving us. Taurus says replace those with healthy needs. Nourishing physical indulgences. Eating high quality food. Sex and the entire process of love making with someone worthy. All of these engage the senses and are physical needs!

Full moon in Taurus transits

The Sun, Mercury, and moon will be conjunct in Taurus. Taurus is ruling the skies at this time. Play in the dirt, garden, work, build. If you notice there are maybe earth signs but no air signs currently. This is a time to leave the talking behind. This cluster of Taurus planets trines Jupiter in Virgo. Doing the detail work will yield you more benefits. This is not going to be easy for some people naturally especially for the Pisces and fire sign people of the world. Lastly, all 4 of these planets will aspect Pluto in Capricorn favorably. Buckle down and get the work done. Now is the time.

Fix your house, refurbish your storefront, clean the garden, clean the front yard. Break ground for the new building project you’re in charge of. Now is the time.




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