New Year New Moon in Aries 2016

New moon in Aries sets off an explosive start to the astrological year


A new moon in Aries will occur on April 7th at 7:24am est at 18 degrees Aries. The preparations made during the last eclipse should come to completion now. The actions like cutting certain ties in favor of personal needs and traits like being more assertive, should shift into gear  go full steam ahead under this new moon.

If you make an anagram from the word Aries, you can create the word Arise. Aries wants us to arise; to step up, to conquer courageously. Aries mantra is  I am . Arian’s identity is communicated clearly and directly with no punches pulled. That’s what people must embrace to fulfill the Aries promise.

The Sun and moon will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto at the time of the New moon. The conjunction with Uranus indicates sudden urges. While Aries is direct and explosive, Uranus is teetering and tries to maintain balance. As a result creates an erratic energy. While you’re on your mission to conquer you’ll find urges to jump into new things. The goal now is to move forward on a path consistently on through the summer though. A square with Pluto is a tough one because of the urge to resist and to reject authority. Naturally, planets in Aries exploding against Pluto is very powerful!

This is an inspiring and energizing new moon with a few caveats. Be prepared to put one foot in front of the other with courage and boldness.


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