New Year’s eve 2010, Mars square Saturn.

Mars will be squaring Saturn over the holidays and at a closer orb on New Year’s eve indicating that actions (mars) will be restricted and hindered(Saturn), but not in a smooth or easygoing fashion. Rather in conflict and uncouth circumstances(Square).

Mars square Saturn is an aspect that screams hot temper. Seething emotions and feelings. It is an aspect associated with cruelty because Saturn restricts personal power and as a square, Mars feels Saturn works against them so they overcompensate by being excessively harsh. This type of general mood globally is not the best for a celebratory period .

I see this manifesting on New Year’s Eve as heavy law enforcement presence and could indicate widespread use of excessive force. Also increased resistance to such tactics. I also see Mars acting against Saturn in the criminal realm. People pushing their luck with committing home invasions and other activities especially on New Year’s Eve while many are out celebrating. I also see this playing out in travel restrictions. Heavy traffic, motor vehicle accidents/breakdowns, a storm that prevents air travel, derailed trains and similar events.

Those born during the last Saturn in Libra transit(1979-1982) right now is a period of serious reflection and soul searching and with the Mars energy squaring you will need to be extra careful of your attitude and actions. Mars is currently conjuncting Pluto so a never say die attitude will tinge things now.

Thanks for reading and feel free to add on.

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