No fire in the belly? |The natal chart of Stephen Curry


Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors suffered their most demoralizing defeat yesterday at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was the first time they’ve suffered back to back losses this year. Some are asking and speculating what’s wrong with Steph Curry. Wondering if he’s injured, or somehow else not at 100%.

I have a different take on that. I’m not out to get Steph Curry or the Golden State Warriors, I’m an NBA fan and a fan of great basketball. I think though, as great as he is, is not built from the same stardust that Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Russell Westbrook are made from. I will explain why.

Steph Curry’s Natal Chart

Steph CurryJordan and Westbrook were born under fire moons and fire Mars that trine each other. That combination is the most potent aspects and combinations for athleticism and heart. Many other greats were fire signs, have a lot of fire in their chars or have a strong Mars signature. Above is Steph Curry’s natal chart which as you’ll see, contains no planets in fire signs. He does have a Mars in Capricorn but it’s in the 6th house and conjunct Neptune, which muddies the willpower of Mars in Capricorn.

He has a pretty “dry” chart. Most of his planets being in earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. Two planets in Aquarius.  He’s not lazy by any means. Mars in Capricorn will work,work, and work more when they’ve found something that brings tangible and measurable results. That doesn’t equate to passion however.

What fiery planets bring is a passion and charisma that is contagious. When the chips are stacked against the fiery player, they can ignite the flame in other “lesser” players to give it their all as well. Fire is wild, and spreads fast. This same idea can be applied to sports. The fiery player is the spark that spearheads a comeback in an uphill battle and the energy spreads from that player, to all other players.

Which brings me to my main point. This spark is lacking in Steph Curry.  I’ve noticed a passiveness when the games seem out of reach or almost out of reach. If Steph is not hitting 3 pointers it seems like he doesn’t have the energy that connects with the hearts of his teammates. The energy that motivates them to give it their all. This is an intangible attribute that shows up in many players who are considered the hearts of a team. When this shows up in the most skilled players on the team it breeds all time greats. Steph Curry might not be that guy. It’s something you’re born with so either you have it or you don’t.

You can however emulate characteristics of those players and use them to try and Xerox the results. I think that’s one of the lessons Steph Curry can learn from his chief rival Russell Westbrook. When the chips are down, take it upon yourself to be the catalyst and spark the fire in your teammates, spark the belief that winning is a possibility no matter how much it looks like an impossibility.

Easy to do at home, Mars and fire doesn’t care where it is it, will consume everything in its path.



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