All or nothing: A look at Scorpio rappers.







Warning:Explicit Lyrics

“MY mind playin’ tricks on me”

Scorpios are noted and renowned generally speaking, for their intensity and emotions. So when you carry that demeanor into the realm of hip-hop it makes for a very dynamic presence. I noted before in the post “The mutable world of hip hop” about the lyrical and cerebral nature of the mutable signs. Gemini and Sagittarius being highly mental signs, as well as Virgo, they tend to rap using a lot of metaphors and slick word play. But Scorpios rappers generally seem to throw that out the window. They engulf the listener with a menacing depth of feeling. Listening to them sounds like an epic novel full of highs and lows, as opposed to the chatty kind of tracks that come from the mercury and Jupiter rappers.

Brad “Scarface” Jordan, is a triple Scorpio rapper (Sun,Mercury, Venus). Most of his material seems to be pretty deep. I never thought of him as much of a lyricist, but the tracks he makes really grab the listener.



“A trigger man, deadly as fuck with a loaded AK
Spot my enemy and kill him the American way
I turned a dream into reality, with a fuck you mentality”
highlights the Scorpio do or die attitude to me fully.
Scarface has a lot of these type of engaging and deep stories in his tracks. I’ve never gotten the impression that he was glorifying this type of life either. Always have gotten the vibe of “steer clear from this life” from his music, as opposed to those that make that life path fair seeming. Fellow Geto Boy Willie D is a triple Scorpio as well.Some other tracks that highlight this are “Jesse James”, “Hand of the dead body”, “I seen a man die”, “My block”. Scarface is not the only one though.

“Back in the day”

Lil’ Boosie is a quadruple Scorpion rapper out of Baton Rouge Louisiana and he embodies Scorpio to a T. He carries this deep look of pain and suffering, and loss. Here is “Back in the day” where he talks about growing up.





Pain is pouring out of his pores and the intensity is very evident in this video in my opinion. Talking about his friends that died, family addicted to drugs. He looks like he has carried that burden with himself throughout his life. Again, like Scarface, not very wordy or focused on lyrical content in the sense of a wordsmith. But telling it like it is , the inflection and cadence in his voice, and oozing intensity really grab you.

There are other Scorpio Artists like rapper EVE, who embodies this intensity also. Rapper Nelly, who is a triple Scorpio, but has a moon in Gemini and a lot of air contacts  lighten up his intensity. Big Punisher was also a Scorpion. but had a lot of fire placements.

Hope you’ve enjoyed, thanks for reading!


Schoolboy Q is a newer rapper on scene from Los Angeles. A Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio native, his rhymes are less serious, almost sarcastic but sort of gloomy. In “Man of the year” Schoolboy Q raps about women and partying. But somehow makes it sound kind of morbid. The dark sample and slow beat make it seem less like a party track and something lighthearted than it is. Below in the video he’s on the beach with a lot of women, yet the sky is cloudy and there’s fog giving it a more sordid vibe. Check it out:







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