November Horoscopes for the 8th -14th


imagesNovember Horoscopes for the 8th -14th


Aries you’re facing a very active week in regards to relationships. The Moon in the 7th solar house along with Venus moving into Libra as well as Mars shows a concentrated focus on your interpersonal relationships. An Aries more focused on others for a short time. Use this time to take a back seat and allow your partner to take the reigns for a bit.


Taurus your week  is a powerful one with the New Moon in Scorpio occurring on Wednesday (12:47pm est) this goes especially for the early April Taurus folks.  You may find yourself jumping into a new relationship around this time, keep your heart open. Keep your immune system strong,  your 6th house of health is being tested this week.


Gemini with Venus, Moon, Mars in Libra rolling through your 5th house expect some creative and sexual juices to flow. Libra rules art and music, you might find the urge to pick up your guitar or paint brush again. With the New Moon in Scorpio passing through your 6th house, expect to double down on the work aspect of this creative urge. It may border on a streak of obsessiveness, but take care of your urges!


Cancer this Scorpio New Moon takes place in your 5th house. Be prepared for a new focus on your creative side and tackling a new project. Other points of focus will probably be family focused. Spending money on or working helping a family member out if they need assistance.


Leo your focus during this New Moon focuses around family. Are you establishing new roots? Lost touch with a relative?  Reconnect with them. Venus and Mars will be in your third house which tells me that some fun times with siblings are in store.


Virgo your Horoscope is focused on your mind and body. This is a week to assess your what’s going to be important for you in this next month. You may find yourself very focused on personal needs and you should definitely cater to them.


Libra with Venus and Mars entering your sign this looks like a week of enthusiasm and passion. During this New Moon this Wednesday it would be an opportune time to ask whether or not you need to get rid of unneeded possessions. A time for housecleaning of sorts.


The New Moon this coming Wednesday will be a powerful rejuvenating period for you Scorpio. This is a time to declare your needs and unapologetically pursue them. Take care of yourself, spend time catering to your own whims.


Connect with your spiritual side Sagittarius, the New Moon takes place in your 12th house of self undoing and spirituality. Venus and Mars are moving into your 1th house, connect with some friends, old and new. They may have some good news for you.


Capricorn some career news could be headed your way.  Your career and work associations may prove to be resourceful in helping your move up in your career. Strengthen the bonds with your associations through leisure activities together.


Aquarius your education could prove to payoff. Continue working on expanding your knowledge base. A new job offer could come your way this week. If this is something you need, make sure to make it a point during the New Moon and ask for this and focus intently.


Pisces if you’ve been holding back on your education or travel, now would be a great time to start. At this time you may be questioning whether or not your current relationships are traveling on the right course. Use your keen intuition and if they’re not living up to your expectations, cut your ties, you will be happy you did later on.


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