Only women use zodiac signs


“Only women use zodiac signs”

I have to stand up for the fellas and my comrades who use astrology. I’ve seen this type of statement on social media many times. Recently, a man on Twitter said something like this in a tweet and it stirred the pot. He got push back, rightfully so. He is wrong. Even though most of my traffic actually is from women (about 75%), 25% is from men. Why are zodiac signs seen as a woman or feminine thing? Are those 25% of men not really men?

The Perception

I blame modern astrology and horoscopes for much of this perception.  Much of the “coffee table” astrology, and horoscopes project a similar optic. Magical, mystical,  much of what you see in regards to astrology is middle aged and older Caucasian women that wear gemstone jewelry. If you actually search Google for astrology horoscopes in particular, you will find that this is the common demographic of astrologers. Which is fine. But it’s not representative of the entire truth.

I believe that’s where that perception comes from. Furthermore, on social media, most of the big astrology accounts are by women as well, so this bolsters that idea. Many of these accounts do this for fun though, in my opinion. Let’s be real though, many just do it for attention. Some of them tweet out memes or gifs, they go viral, and they start tweeting about zodiac signs.  That’s all well and good. This projects the idea that only women use zodiac signs though.

What are zodiac signs exactly?

Here is where the big leap is in my opinion. Zodiac signs and astrology, and horoscopes are different things. Many man understand zodiac signs and what they are from pop culture. Rappers have tracks mentioning zodiac signs in them, R&B, Metal, and all kinds of music. So men and women alike can identify what zodiac signs are.

These same people know about horoscopes. Whether through daily horoscope apps, tabloids, or wherever people read them now.

These are two components of the entire practice known as astrology. The same men making these statements don’t know about astrology. What is astrology?

Astrology is a way to measure the sands of time, down to the grain. The ultimate clocking and timing system. A magnificent metaphysical super tool. That’s how I’ve always looked at astrology. Zodiac signs are a part of astrology, horoscopes are a part of astrology. The mystical magical stuff online is usually not astrology. Zodiac signs are a main part of astrology, like a fashion accessory is to your outfit. They’re the handbags or shoes of astrology.

An astrologer (not astrologist) is someone who practices astrology in its totality. Whether it’s western, sidereal, kabalistic, Bazi, men and women of every background are practicing astrologers. It’s a deep field with many different specialties. It’s a field with endless possibilities.

So not only women, do zodiac signs, or astrology.

Astrology is for women

History proves this wrong. Whether it’s Ptolemy, Keplar, or the many others in history, not only are there male astrologers, but men that have done what many other men couldn’t. They were held in high regard for that reason.

These were mathematicians and scientists. Historically astrologers have fallen into the Sage/Priest/Scholar/Warrior soul types. Highly educated and studied people. And today there are astrologers of every gender, race, creed who are exceptionally skilled and hard working.

Men don’t like asking other men for help

Part of astrology is consulting others for clarity. So part of the stigma stems from that in my opinion. Its easier just to malign something and shut it down. We’re tough and we have to do everything ourselves. That’s how many men are.

Modern education has taught us that consulting others isn’t masculine. When in fact, society works in the opposite way. Combined energy in a singular direction makes hard work easier. In all levels of society men consult, and work together.

The mythology in stories like King Arthur and the knights of the round table mirror the zodiac. the 12 knights have their own role to play, their specialty. Everyone must play their role for big undertakings to work. That’s part of the lesson of the zodiac, and also to modern men.

So consulting someone about astrology or anything else, isn’t weakness, it’s strength. Saving time, saving energy is smart.

So in the end, men and women use astrology, practice astrology. Men and women use zodiac signs, and there are amazing men and women astrologers out there. Many men don’t know about more than the zodiac signs so the view comes from ignorance.


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