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Opening the lotus of Sagittarius : King of the gods.

Opening the Lotus of Sagittarius



King of the Gods

(Zeus, Olodumare, Odin, Indra) 


Sag 1st (King of the Gods) Large in Stature often depicted as Titans or Giants (Jupiter). Fights with Long Range Weapon (Odin such as Spear or Throwing Weapon or Projectile, i.e. the Bow too.  Great self Sacrifice for Wisdom (Odin was crucified and gave an Eye for Wisdom) Have plenty of epithets

Cap 2nd (Providence of Authority, Values Traditions, Earth, Chthonic Father, or Giver and Builder of Order and Stability) Granted Authority over the Earth and the Farmer, and the industry of Agriculture. Creator of Earth or Sculptor of Mankind, and initiators or institutors of a time or age. Drank Soma (Indra), Eat Servants (Thor), was eaten by Father (Zeus) Loss due to breaking their own moral codes, meets out rewards, gifts for just moral behavior and actions, or punishment for immorality. Owns the land

Aqu 3rd (Carries Lightening in their Hands, Throws Lightning, Superior Mind, Rebellious Siblings, Siblings & Relatives are Allies in Rebellion of the Divine Order, Future of Humanity lies in the palms of their hands, enlighten humanity via messengers and divine text or oracle system such as Ifa, abduction of Ganymede, by Zeus as a Eagle to be his Cup Bearer, Blew breath into humanity)

Pis 4th   (Lives in the Heavens, Storm God/Goddess Heritage, Hidden by their Mother and grew up hidden in a cave on island (Zeus), lives in an unseen place or in the heaven)

Aries 5th (The Eternal Flame, 1st of the Sons of God, Administer of the Divine Flame, Natural War God, first born son is the God of War, Has Conscious Will over the Gods, Leader of the Gods, Chief of the Gods, Has Children that are born out of their Head or Skull or Blood, Creator of Man and or Fire)

Tau 6th ( Bulls sacrificed to them by Followers, Worshipers Bull Cult, Slave to Sensual Pleasures)  the servants or worshippers pay alms or money or material for their favors and gifts, as well their Servants are provided for by the working class. Beautiful Servants, Valkyries in the case of Odin, Ganymede for Zeus.

 Gem 7th (Marries twin, or sister or relative /cousin, or aunt or uncle, Marries multiple times, has two spouses, Spouse is close advisor and open enemy, duplicitous partnerships, intelligent companion such as an Eagle, Owl or Monkey)

Can 8th (Sacrifice Eye for Wisdom, Utilizes Oracles for Wisdom, Mother is source of Wisdom, Feminine Side Wisdom, Valkyries choosers of the slain,)

Leo 9th (Divine Consciousness, King of the Gods, Greater God, Gods of Law, Judgment, Prosperity, Abundance, Judge of the Orishas or Gods, Creator of the Universe or Cosmos, Children become Kings or Queens of the Gods. )

Vir 10th (Distinct Reputations, Makes Slaves of the Titans or Ancients, Organizing Authority, Servants are Authority Figures or Virgins, known for their healthy physique, Each had to utilize Discernment to rule)

Lib 11th (Marries Counselors, Lawgiver of Humanity, Counselors are Gods or Goddess of Law, Balance, Harmony, Finds Counsel with the older or Father’s Siblings and Relatives or with older respected acquaintances, allies are the divine assembly, Commands or Degrees the Gods or Orishas tend to Mankind’s future, Marries an older sibling or relative, is balanced by the power of the immortal assembly)

Sco 12th (Sexual Passion Undoing, Rape, Secretly Paranoid, Death Gods are Secret Enemies such as Hades, Pluto and Hel…Can resurrect a spirit, Power over the dead, Bring Death through Storms, Indra lost his manhood, and used trickery to seduce others, so did Zeus, Odin, Indra all utilize trickery and seduction to the woe of those they perused. Have some sort of Resurrection from a mysterious death or fake death, such as Odin’s crucifixion, or Zeus supposing being swallowed by Cronus.

Orion the Hunter


Orion was a Giant (Sag   in the 1st) Huge in stature and a great boaster

Orion is destined for loss because of his morals (Cap in     the 2nd) owns an Unbreakable Bronze Club

Orion mindset shocks the gods, his boast are jarring (Aqu    in the 3rd) and Companion of Artemis (Twin)

Orion has Pisces     in the 4th and His mother is a Sea Goddess or Gorgon Euryale Monster (Some Myths say an Amazon Queen) His parentage has been misleading or obscured. In one myth as a child of Poseidon’s and because of his heritage can walk on waves.  Stumbles blinded to the Home of the Lame God Hephaestus to his domicile.

Orion has Aries ♈ in the 5th he is a natural born hunter, and athlete, with excellent precision with weapons and bow. He is the Lover of Eos the Goddess of the Dawn (Aries = Dawn or Sun Rise) or Artemis a Warrior/Huntress Goddess (Aries)

Orion has Taurus    in the 6th Place; Physique of a Bull or very Top Heavy Physique, Servants sacrificed bulls, cows to them. They preferred the Sweet Meat of a hoofed animal, or sweet fruits and vegetable.

Orion has Gemini    in the 7th He was the companion to Artemis the twin of Apollo, of who was an open enemy of Orion.  Also was Married Twice.

Orion has Cancer    in the  8thth a Goddess or Women is the reasoning behind his death, Mother Earth (Gaia) cause his death in one version, another it is the goddess Artemis.

Orion has Leo    in the 9th Place and is a great sportsman, the son of a Great God, A boy is given to him as a Guide, and he traveled to the sun to be healed

Orion has Virgo ♍ in the 10th Place has a distinct reputation, and was known for his perfect physique, known as a servant of the virgin goddess.

Orion has Libra    in the 11th Place, because of his association with Artemis he becomes an open enemy of Leo or Apollo the Sun God.

Orion has Scorpion   in the 12th Place a giant Scorpio is his undoing. He was blinded (12th Place) for Rape (Scorpio) his spirit (12th House) was transcended (Scorpio) to the Heavens 12th Place. Becomes Murderous and Rapist when Drunk, A Killer of Monsters.

There are many Sagittarius Archetypes to “Open the Lotus” on such as the Super Hero, Special Forces, The Professor, Philosopher, the Pastor, the Running back or Wide Receiver and Slave Catcher, Judge, the Archangel Zadkiel, The General, or the Emperor/Empress. 

Outside of the Mythologies and Great Stories of Sagittarius in culture, the sign represents in the horoscope your personal life journeys, experiences and philosophies including religion. Sagittarius in the Horoscope represents the area of life where you are luckiest, prosper, have abundance and experience joy. Sagittarius opposite is Gemini the sign of communication, the conscious mind, relatives, and immediate community, Sagittarius expands on everything that  Gemini is, where it is Mass Communication vs. Personal Communication, it is Higher learning vs. Early Education, and it is the expanded consciousness or God Consciousness vs. Personal Consciousness or Human Consciousness. As the 5th Place of Ego of the Sign of Ego Leo, it represents the Super Ego that part of humanity that is interconnected with the all, and thus God Consciousness, and being the 5th Place of the Hero or Leo it to is the Super Hero.

Being the sign of potential experience Sagittarius is the world beyond what you know… Sagittarius is accumulated knowledge (Aquarius in the 3rd), Sagittarius points beyond the border to the larger world and hence its symbol the Arrow pointed Skywards.

Sagittarius is as a very spiritual sign, especially since it is ruled by Jupiter which is also the Co ruler and Ancient ruler of Pisces. Pisces is a mutable sign like Sagittarius and like Sag it too is an indication of dissolving borders, as Sag is expanding beyond borders. It is the mutable affinity and Jupiter’s relationship to them which allows them to share in the idea of “beyond what is known”

As well the center of our Milky Way galaxy is in Sagittarius and the Sun and Earth align with this point approximately Dec. 17-20 each year. (The Whole 13th Sign Mythology)  We as human beings tend to project our potential for Higher Self skywards.


This point leads to why Sagittarius is the archetype for the Higher Consciousness, Higher Mind, Higher Self, Super Ego or God Consciousness, which can manifest in our life in. How the Theme of the Higher Consciousness, Mind, Self  will be described by planets in and ruling Sagittarius and its associated house, the 9th Place or the House, Sign that Jupiter, Sag’s Ruler, is in (Down to the Last Planet of that Dispositorship)… Sagittarius and the 9th are where the God concept and the Self concept merge into one, and Jupiter’s location is how that synchronization is expressed in life.

Such manifestation, and expression is the Higher Self, the god- self, the highest potential of who a person is, as opposed to the ego (Leo) and Id (Aries).

What is the Higher Consciousness, the Super Ego, or Higher Self? It is that version of self that is the true Divine Self, our creative monad, or the 5th House of our 5th House.  The Higher Self is the part of your consciousness that is in direct contact with the One or the Creator, and thus it acts as your Super Ego. The Higher Self is accessed through growth processes, it is the highest potential for goodness and therefore, your Enlightened Self (Hence Sag / Higher Consciousness is the 11th Place of Enlightenment for Humanity or the Collective Consciousness / Aquarius)

I find it ironic that the sign of Divine Consciousness, Sagittarius is represented in the myths of the King of the Gods, such as Zeus, Indra and etc, and associated with Higher Learning and Institutions of Higher Learning such as College, those things which expand the mind. Then again I can see how because Leo and Sagittarius are signs of Common Affinity for Leo have the 9th Sign in the 5th Place of Love and Sagittarius has Leo the sign of Love in the 9th Place.

Now normally in most astrological blogs or written pieces about a sign it is typical to go into the Signs expression in the Houses, and Planets in that sign and so forth, however I wanted to simply touch on the part of Sagittarius dealing mostly with the Higher Consciousness, Mind and Self, however another favorite application of Sagittarius for me is COMEDY.

 Sagittarius is the sign of Comedy, Laughter, and Enjoyment and thus holds providence over Comedians.

Where Sagittarius is in the Horoscope reveals what you find most humorous and where you have Jupiter will describe the outlet for your particular brand of humor.

They say Laughter (Sagittarius) Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Leo in the 9th Place of Sagittarius)

As well that what makes you laugh can also make you Cry (Jupiter Exalted in Cancer)

 Note that planets in the 9th or in Sagittarius or Aspecting Jupiter can show a Comedian their own Cosmic Comedy Skit, and as well the best way to BROADCAST, PUBLISH and reach beyond their normal scopes.

So let’s get ready for SAGITTARIUS Time, a transit in life that can potentially bring out the Higher self in you, and if nothing else expand your experience in life, with fortune and prosperity, and keep it



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