Period of revolution: A historical look at the upcoming Saturn-Pluto mutual reception.


This overall vibration of angst and backlash towards the government, banking, and big business seems to be right on time. Uranus is transiting Aries and this was one of the first signifiers of of public outcry against a culture of corruption , the relationship between business and government. So people worldwide have been taking action to show their displeasure in the ever falling standard of living. Now a very historically powerful new phase is going to take place very soon. A transit that hasn’t occurred since 1776! That’s right the last time this transit took place was the American revolution. That transit is Saturn in Scorpio mutually receiving Pluto in Capricorn, which indicates destruction and rebuilding (pluto/Scorpio) of government and order (Saturn. Capricorn).So I want to go through this historically piece by piece in chronological order to paint the picture, because history repeats itself and to understand the future one must know the past. This transit begins October 2012.

Key elements of the American revolution took place December 1776-January 1778 under this transit:

June 17th 1777- Stars and stripes adopted- Saturn rx 26degrees Libra, Pluto 29 degrees Capricorn.

The US flag was a banner that was carried by the confederate army. 13 stars based on the 13 colonies . Betsy Ross is said to have been the seamstress of the original flag.

November 1777- Articles of confederation first ratified-Saturn 8 degrees Scorpio and Pluto 28 degrees Capricorn.

First states signed on to the confederation. Agreeing to state sovereignty and small federal government.

Winter 1777/1778 – Valley Forge refuge- Pluto in Capricorn 28 degrees- 30 in Aquarius, Saturn in 11 degrees Scorpio.

George Washington and troops built camp in Valley forge and stayed for the winter until the British left Philadelphia.

So with that transit it does show in my opinion that the current governmental systems and economy systems will cease to exist in their present form. I think many people now “know” (Uranus) this and there is some historical evidence based on astro-dynamics to back this belief up. The economies of the world are in shambles and need to be rebuilt and reformed because they are unsustainable presently. The inevitable is they will collapse. This time around the orb of the reception will be much closer indicating more intense. So the question is what will you do about it?


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