A lunar eclipse of massive importance will take place March 23rd at 5:43am est, where it will be visible in the US, and it will   At 3 degrees Aries and Libra, this full moon opposes Mercury in Aries, while the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Aries. No other major aspects are at play during this eclipse This eclipse is the the 2nd eclipse this year after the first being the March 9th total solar eclipse. It’s an amazing time.

Full moons in Libra asks us to shed being held back by a number of things. One big one is relationships not based in equality and equity, being that Libra is the relationship sign. This extends to contracts, including the nature of your employment. It may actually be time for you to venture out on your own path. You’ll intuitively if it’s this time.

This full moon more fundamentally challenges the nature of our courage. Not being assertive enough because of the worry about offending other people. Being considerate to your own detriment.  This full moon asks us to leave a lack of courage in the past, act first, act decisively. Trust your first instincts. Shed the need to deliberate each and every decision. With the ego and and thought process working in unison under Aries, this is the time to get acquainted with this enterprising energy. If it’s foreign to you, work on making it a habit as we make our way to the New Moon.

Instead of saying “Let me think about it” or “no”– say YES.

Allow whatever happens, to happen.

As I mention in Why you shouldn’t make New Year’s resolutions Aries is the season to make everything new–come true. Step forward boldly and confidently and something good will happen for you.



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