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The prize fighter : Aries Sun Taurus Moon

Aries Sun in combination with a Taurus Moon indicates a fighter like an Aries would but a fighter that bleeds green. Someone who at the end of the day wants to accumulate wealth and wants the comforts that money brings. They are a sensual Aries, slower paced, and more practical.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon natives



Robert Downey Jr. is known for his hedonism as much as he is for his roles. He was addicted to drugs at an early age. Taurus Moon’s have trouble changing course in life without a huge event being a catalyst. He is also known for his fashion sense.

UFC star Anderson Silva is known as an entertaining mixed martial artist. But his motivator is definitely money equally as much as it is glory.

Pharrell Williams shopping in Paris

Rapper, singer, and producer Pharrell Williams has a passion which is a Aries trait but it’s for music and fashion. His Taurus Moon is what compels his off key fashion choices. Music is also a Venus characteristic.

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