The Purge: New Moon in Scorpio


New Moon in Scorpio will occur at 5:55 EST along with a partial solar eclipse. Mercury will also be going direct 17 degrees in Libra. New Moons are the times when goal setting is most appropriate. And this new Moon the goals revolve around purging bad habits, negative energy and experiences, and baggage picked up from others.rebirth2

The Purge

I call it the purge because that’s really what this new Moon should be about in my opinion. Filtering out negative emotions. Take for example a beef at work, or with your family. Forgive them and yourself now, this is the time to ;et go of that . Another issue such as literally, cleaning out your closet is a good thing to do at this moment. Throw things that don’t serve you in the garbage. Cut away dead weight. Psychological baggage picked up from others should be discarded as well. So this is a time to evaluate your alliances. Somebody may be a burden to you but not reciprocating the help or concern. It may be time to distance yourself from this person. One must ask themselves if this is fair.

Set your intentions. Using a candle is a great method. After you’ve eliminated what had be eliminated  it’s time to put out what you need for yourself.


What it means for you

New Moon will have an impact on you depending on what house the new Moon falls in and what aspects it makes to your natal chart. This New Moon holds the most significance for those who have first decan Scorpio planets, Scorpio and Libra ascendants though. These individuals will have the opportunity to use the event to benefit themselves the most. So check your chart, and if you have any of these placements you should pay especially close attention, and research a ritual that you can do.

Mercury direct

This Mercury RX period has been quite interesting. Many are thankful that it’s over I’m sure. An inordinate amount of secrets were revealed about many people that they rather not have had revealed.  You could say that this Mercury RX period was an electronic/communications purge as it began in Scorpio. Now it’s direct again in Libra. And if you made it through unscathed now you can rest easy. Within a few days the Mercury areas of our lives should be back running smoothly once again.


What are you going to purge?


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