Capricorn sun with Scorpio Venus man

    Confused asked 1 year ago

    This man who is a cap sun has a Venus in Scorpio has really been confusing me. We began talking a few months ago and our connection was instant, we both acknowledge this. He pulls his famous dissappearing act and then he comes back. we have had sex multiple times. He explained to me at one point he wanted to stop having sex and just be friends. I was okay with that, but then he continued trying to have sex. When I asked him why he chose to have sex again he said \” I wanted to stop having sex because I was unsure about how out felt about it\” whatever the hell that means. He continued having sex disregarding what he has said. Again about 2 weeks ago he tells me he wants to have a platonic relationship, but he is now trying to speak to me more constantly. He is very confusing and a bit too much for my Venus in pisces, any explanations? One day it seems he genuinely cares and the next day he disappears??

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