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Rebekah asked 11 months ago

Quick Background
Hello there ☺ I have an ex that ripped my heart into pieces 3 years ago. I was very attached to him when we were together and  it took me along time to push myself to get him out of my life because I was so attached. This is is now the 4th month of no communication to him. It sucks that I still feel like I love him and I still think about him daily but Im glad that he’s out my life because I feel like he is a toxic person… Heres the kicker
When I looked up his birthchart i was SHOOK because my birthchart and his is basically the freaking same! The only thing thats different between are charts are the Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars. Everything else is the same
My chart is
Sun – Sag
Moon- Leo
Venus – Scorpio
Mars – Leo
Jupiter – Scorpio
Saturn – Pisces
Mercury – Scorpio
Uranus – Capricorn
Neptune – Capricorn
Pluto – Scorpio
Asd Node – Scorpio
Rising Sign – Aquarius
His chart is the exact same except….
Sun – Leo
Mars – Cancer
Venus – Libra
Moon – Capicorn
My Question is-  Is it a good thing that our charts are similar… Is it like fate to be together or is this just my Venus in Scorpio talking. Do you think I should contact him since hes still on my mind?
Please help..
Thanks ♥

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