My boyfriend is double air

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Anonymous asked 7 months ago

my boyfriend is a Aquarius sun, Gemini moon, with a Pisces Venus and his dominant planet is Venus. Sometimes he is very Pisces like and sweet. I just never saw that extremely cold side of him that I know is there. Do we make a good match, I am Pisces sun Gemini moon Pisces Venus and I\’m mercury dominant. We are also both mars Virgo but mine is in Rx. Sometimes I feel more Gemini than anything. 

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TheAstrochologist answered 7 months ago

You two must be born the same year, with so many similar placements there is familiarity. If that’s what you want you both should be fine.

Dev answered 7 months ago

It’s crazy because we actually have an age gap relationship of 17 years. But it doesn’t feel that way at all!!! he is born 1980 and I’m 1997. His birthday is jan 27th and mine is march 15th. 

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