Sagittarius sun, libra moon, aquarius rising

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Temia Gaines asked 1 year ago

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about how my chart works together. All of my life I’ve considered myself a happy, fun loving sagitarrius. But now that I’ve been looking into astrology, I feel like I relate to libra a lot more.

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TheAstrochologist answered 1 year ago

The moon is your gut instinct or subconscious. So despite Sagittarius ruling your ego, IE seek to be known as smart, knowledgeable, worldly, fun, and a straight shooter. Instinct wise and emotionally you are actually more indecisive, dependent, and diplomatic. That’s fine though as Sagittarius and Libra are sextile signs and work well together. Both are extroverted masculine signs. Libra is where you’re comfortable, and Sagittarius is where you want to get to to be “fulfilled”.

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