Can earth balance with fire?

    Diana asked 10 months ago

    Im an aries woman with a sag moon. Im an aries in mercury and an aries in mars and an aquarius in venus. My 7th house is in pisces.
    My boyfriend is a taurus with pisces moon and he’s an aries in mercury as well and a pisces in venus and a taurus in mars. His 7th house is in scorpio.
    We’ve been together for over a year but most of the reading Ive done for aries and taurus compatibility says were not a good match. Would we be a good long-term pair? Im a pisces/aries cusp while he’s an aries/taurus cusp if that means anything. 

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    TheAstrochologist answered 4 months ago

    So your Sun signs are semi-sextile, and that isn’t considered a compatible aspect.  From a balance standpoint it looks like you’re all fire and air, and he’s all Earth and water. So a lot of middle ground meeting will have to take place.

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