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    Rae asked 2 years ago

    Hey, as a woman I have a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon meanwhile the guy I’m dating has a Gemini sun and Virgo moon. Do you think we can make it in the long run? I really like him but sometimes he seems too feisty for me. 

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    Seth Morris Staff answered 2 years ago

    I imagine there is a lot of mental/verbal activity with him and it’s tiring for you to keep up with, draining even. You’re an emotive person and think in sounds and pictures more so than verbally. There are some hard aspects likely between your Sun and his Sun and moon. More detailed analysis will tell the whole store. I do synastry readings if you’re interested.

    Mystical Mia answered 2 years ago

    Wow. I’m a Pisces Sun Scorpio moon woman as well and the guy I’m dealing with is a Gemini Sun and I’m unsure of his moon. He’s been chasing me for years and I told him I wasn’t going to talk to him because he’s a gemini haha and he lured me in my telling me how unfair it was I didn’t give him a chance to prove himself. I finally started talking to him and it started off great. He took me out of town a few times, we were together for Valentine’s Day then my birthday a week after that. But then he started acting “different” all of a sudden and I picked up on that immediately so I reciprocated what I was given because us Pisces fantasize about how things COULD be with the person and try to bring it to reality while Geminis are very realistic and would laugh right in our sensitive faces if they knew how we felt and what we wanted. I finally discussed with him how I picked up on how he’s changed and of course he lied and acted like there was nothing different. He didn’t keep in touch as much so he didn’t hear from me either. We stopped talking for about a month and this man randomly just text me yesterday morning and I gave in and went over….BOOM! It was just like he beginning! I had a good time with him for old times sake but now I know what to expect and how to deal with Gemini traits if i do decide to deal with him again. So girl, Gemini men are handfuls! They are very  talkative, wants a woman with ambitions and goals(when Pisces just want to be taken care of), they don’t “get us” and they hate how mysterious we are and we don’t mean to be mysterious at all. We are just indecisive and don’t have the answers, we barely know ourselves! We are such cameleons that we are our best person whoever we are around wants to be! So I say go for it, for the challenge. But go in prepared because he WILL switch up randomly! It’s just a big Gemini trait.