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    YoGod asked 1 year ago

    Aries Sun/Sag moon/Venus in Aries
    Gemini Sun/Libra moon/Venus in Taurus compatibility……..
    Partner 2’s Libra Moon directly opposite Aries sun and their north node conjuncts partner 1’s Aries sun. 
    Interested in your thoughts on this….given the opposing nature of the moon and the sun and NN conjunct sun aspects. 

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    Seth Morris Staff answered 12 months ago

    I like it there is some synchronicity there. Added aspects that are a plus are Mars Cap  to Venus Taurus. What’s their Mars? Look’s positive, the North Node – Sun conjunction tells me that they will learn from you and being that it goes against their instincts, might not be ideal if you’re not looking for anything serious.

    YoGod answered 12 months ago

    Mars in Cancer.