Gemini and Virgo; two sides of the same coin?

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    Steph asked 3 years ago

    Hi, so I am a Female Virgo (moon gemini, rising Pisces), and I’m dating a Male Gemini (moon leo, rising Pisces) And I’m fasincated by our connection despite being total opposites. 
    Anyway, I was wondering what you think of the Virgo/Gemini as a romantic pairing? if you think astroloically we make a good pair? 
    Thank You!

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    Seth Morris Staff answered 3 years ago

    I think the moon- Sun Gemini connection is great. Having the same ascendant sign helps as well.  Moon synastry looks ok. The difference between Gemini and Virgo is masculine air, and feminine earth. Air is fluid and free flowing, masculine is associated with extroversion and pro-activity, the spoken word. Feminine earth has a wait and see attitude, fixing problems that others create, a practical outlook and understanding of the physical world. Spatial intelligence.