How does a libra dom get over fear of commitment?

    QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow does a libra dom get over fear of commitment?
    Michael asked 12 months ago

    imma libra (sun/rising/Venus) and Gemini moon and I can’t get around to taking anyone seriously. Lol I’ve been in 2 relationships, never in love. (Which I hear is not libra like) I like the thought of love but it’s a mixture of lack of trust and not wanting to be confined. 

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    Seth Morris Staff answered 12 months ago

    Part of getting over the feeling of confinement is grounding yourself. Air dominant people suffer from over thinking, over analysis. What someone like yourself is the idea of freedom. But that requires reflection and being honest with yourself about what exactly you want and who you are.
    On another note. Libra is the sign of partnership which may or may not mean love. Libras want to collaborate.