Is the universe in our favor? Aries woman and Taurus man

    KG asked 12 months ago

    We have been dating in college for almost a year now and I just wanted to see if we would last and have those rare college sweetheart stories haha. I’ve been obsessed with  everything zodiac related but he seems to be stubborn about it. My 7th house is Pisces while his is Scorpio  
    my birth chart is:                         His birth chart is:
    sun: aries                                       Sun: Taurus 
    moon: sag                                      Moon: Pisces 
    Mercury: Aries                                Mercury: Aries 
    venus: Aquarius                             Venus: Pisces 
    mars: Aries                                     Mars: Taurus 
    jupiter: Pisces                                  Jupiter: Pisces 
    saturn: Aries                                     Saturn: Aries 
    Uranus: Aquarius                            Uranus: Aquarius 
    rising: libra                                      Rising: Gemini 

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    KG answered 12 months ago

    Also if it means anything, I was born on march 20th which would make me a Pisces-Aries cusp (if that’s a real thing) 

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