Sag sun Leo moon strong woman and Taurus sun Aries moon man pairing

    Estrella asked 3 weeks ago

    Hi, how do you feel about a Sag sun Leo moon Venus in Aquarius mars in Cap. woman (Me), and a Taurus sun Aries moon Venus in Aries mars in Gemini man (him), we’ve been together for 2 years lots of obstacles we’ve both been constantly transforming and growing and there is a lot of love here, still I’m not sure if we’d be compatible in the long run (even tho I believe love comes out on top always, and I can always be compatible w anyone lmao especially whom I love) I’d like to hear your opinion, 🙏
    thanks so much,

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    TheAstrochologist answered 1 week ago

    Your Mars in Capricorn gives away your attraction to Earth signs.  And his Venus and moon Aries shows his attraction to fire women. Moon and Venus are compatible going both ways. Long run it’s hard to say I’d need to analyze both charts.

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