Scorpio woman sagg man compatibility

    Autumn Sikorski asked 1 year ago

    Can you tell me about our relationship compatibility? Weve been dating 4 months.
    According to his chart, will he be loyal and honest in love? I have feelings he is cheating or has cheated.
    My boyfriend’s chart & My chart….
    His- sun sagittarius 
    Moon cancer
    Mercury sagittarius 
    Venus scorpio
    Mars virgo
    Jupiter sagittarius 
    saturn Pisces
    Uranus capricorn
    Rising scorpio
    Moon Capricorn
    Mercury Scorpio
    Venus Capricorn
    Mars sagittarius 
    Jupiter Aquarius
    Saturn Aries
    Uranus Aquarius 
    Virgo rising
    His bday 12/18/94
    Mine 11/05/97
    Thank you so much!

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    TheAstrochologist answered 1 year ago

    In a man’s chart Venus and the Moon are indicative of the type of woman he’s attracted to. So you being a Scorpio Sun, and his Venus being in Scorpio, and moon being in Cancer is favorable. Mars indicates the type of man a woman is attracted to, yours is in Sagittarius so it’s apparent that that is what attracts you to him, that’s his Sun. Venus in Scorpio is very compatible with Venus in Capricorn. Moon in Cancer opposite moon in Capricorn might result in tension if you live together.

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