What does Saturn Return exactly represent?

    Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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    TheAstrochologist answered 3 years ago

    Saturn return means Saturn has made it’s orbit and returned to the degree/place it was when you were born. Saturn represents fears and delays in your natal chart. The sign it’s in represents what facet of life these fears are in . So for example If your Saturn is in Leo. The fear is about your creativity and sharing that creativity openly. Saturn returns ( moves into orb of natal Saturn) around 28 years old. These issues tend to be dredged up in this period and you are forced to deal with them .
    Saturn being the taskmaster is going to put you through some sort of trial and after the period is over a whole new outlook on your life may occur. I believe this is the true transition into “adulthood”

    shay answered 11 months ago

    How about a second Saturn return? Things are \\\”hard\\\”-ish but no different than throughout my life; in fact, I seem to sense it will actually be better.  Cap in 1st house Retro, in Saturn. Conjunct Cap rising. 😄

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