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Ray Lewis was Born May 15 1975, in Bartow, Florida. He has been an NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens since 1996.

Ray Lewis is known for his fierce hits, and flooring head first rushes. Should come as little surprise that he is a bull, born under the sign of Taurus. Taurus is known for it’s will, immovability. Their builds tend to be rather wide, sturdy, and stocky overall (even if they aren’t on the diet or exercise program of an NFL linebacker).

With Moon and Venus in cancer. He has a natural disposition to protect the home front, whether it is on the field or off the field. This also makes his on field passion of an emotional nature, rather than thoughtful or practical.

Mercury in Gemini is excellent for rapid fire decision making needed on the football field. Mars squares his Mercury though giving him a quick temper and sharp tongue.

Mars in Pisces indicates his energy is dedicated towards service of others on the field and off. He has been involved with numerous charity organizations and lending a helping hand off the field. On the field, Mars being in the planet of Neptune, means physical sacrifices are made, and is able to persevere through great pain if it means his family, his team is successful. Taking one for the team should be the mantra for Mars in Pisces. It also means that clouded judgement in the expression of Mars energy, clearly the case when he was arrested for manslaughter. With all those water placements he is susceptible to the influence of others very easily.

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