How to end S.A.D. using astrology



If you live in the northern hemisphere and face S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter months; you’re being affected by Saturn. There is a twitter hashtag sarcastically called “Sadderday”. Basically inferring that Saturday for many people is a melancholic day. Saturday is called so because the planetary ruler of the day is Saturn. On a broader scale this same melancholic feeling of Saturn occurs during the Saturn planet transits. It can begin as early as October for some people when the Sun’s rays really start to diminish. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Aquarius is classically ruled by Saturn. This is the season where the Sun is at it’s lowest point and at it’s weakest. Meaning your Vitamin D and Serotonin levels are at their lowest levels.

Father Time Saturn

During this time, many people will report of feeling more tired, and even depressed. The lack of sunlight creates an environment of gloom and doom for people who are prone. Like the picture above, the season in terms of overall “life” is pretty morbid. Holidays bring a lot of life to the winter time and the original Christmas holiday was “Saturnalia”. A Roman celebration of Saturn where rules were allowed to be bent, slaves and nobleman feasted together. The winter months are harsh and started off in a celebratory manner to relieve some of the pressure and stress of the season.

What placements and signs are  prone to S.A.D.?

Since S.A.D. is Saturn related in my opinion, it’s only appropriate to label the Saturn signs the S.A.D. signs.

  • Personal planets in Libra,Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Ascendant sign in Libra, Capricorn , Aquarius
  • Strong Saturn aspects (Sun conjunction, Moon conjunction, Venus conjunction etc)
  • Malefic Saturn house placement (Saturn in the 1st, Saturn in the 4th, Saturn in the 5th).
  • Domicile or exalted Saturn placement

Why are they most prone to S.A.D.?

The seasons they represent. Libra represents the beginning of fall. So the Sun’s influence is beginning to diminish. A change of direction as Cardinal signs represent the beginning of new seasons.  Capricorn represents the beginning of winter where the sun is at it’s lowest point and when Christmas is celebrated and Saturnalia was celebrated.  And lastly Aquarius, which as a fixed sign represents the middle of winter. The “dead” of winter so to speak.

Saturn by nature is restrictive. Saturn requires a native to think and process something before they act. This may lead to over-thinking to the point that nothing actually happens and the native is frustrated as if facing some kind of invisible, abstract  barrier. This type of feeling when you’re low on Serotonine just adds insult to injury. You want to do something but can’t for some reason, then it’s cold and dark out. Saturn keeps seems to want to put the breaks on any and everything you want to do.

How to help S.A.D.


Create a Leo season or Cancer season environment for yourself   to the best of your ability.  This means all the things that come along in the Summer months.

  • Get your Vitamin D levels up via Vitamin D3 supplementation
  • Get as much sunlight as possible
  • Use full spectrum lighting in your home
  • If you can, take a vacation to a warmer and sunnier climate.

S.A.D. can be tough to deal with. But with this knowledge you can calculate what kind of health adjustments to make as “Saturn season” approaches. Get your Vitamin D levels checked out before winter actually arrives so you can curtail the whole S.A.D. phenomenon altogether. This is especially important for melanin dominant individuals ( African – Americans, Africans, some Latinos, Indian-Americans, and other groups).  So  just know that the farther the Sun moves away, the closer Saturn gets, and the more Sun you need, and by extension the more Vitamin D you need.

 Call on Venus

What do you love to do?  Tap into your Venus sign and hone in on what you enjoy doing most or may enjoy doing (if you haven’t explored your Venus yet especially) and do it.



  1. thank you so much for posting this! this information affects me very much and i never knew till reading this. also, thank you for posting solutions. as a Leo, I’d love to create a Leo season in the winter for sure!!

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