Sagittarius : God consciousness



God Consciousness

Sagittarius, 9th House, Jupiter



Key Words for Ruler ship and Traits


Hunter, Archer, Horseman, Horse, Long-Distance Travel, Foreigners, Foreign Places, Foreign Culture, Foreign Mindset, Philosophy, Religion, Mental Expansion, Fortune, Luck, Comedy, Happiness, Mass Communication, Publishing, Mass Media, Super Ego, God Consciousness, Big, Large, Gigantic, Huge, Over Indulgence, Automobiles, especially Trucks, and SUV, Liver, Thighs, Hips, Sciatic Nerve, Blood Flows, Arteries, Femur Bone, Pelvic Bone, Gallbladder, Bile, Skin, Tin, Multiplication, Fat, Obese, excess, Religious Leadership such as Priest, Cardinals, Popes, College, Higher Education, Adult Education, Professors, Guru, Optimism, Higher Law, Higher Courts, Judges, Justice, Peace, Growth, Joviality, Exaggeration, Broad, Abroad, Wisdom, Clergy, Priesthood, Thunder, Zeus, Thor, Indra, Obatala, King of the Gods, Great Benefactor, Purple, Milk thistle, Oak Trees, overbearing, 12 Yrs Cycle, Judgment, Height, Prosperity, Plenty, Generosity, Blessings, Opportunities, Philanthropy, Elephants, Dragon, Life Journey, Migrations, Immigrations, Babylon’s Nergal, Sag, meaning ‘chief, head’. The name may thus be translated as the ‘Forefather’ or ‘Chief Ancestor’, In Laws, Sumerian’s saw Sagittarius as Enkidu, Bow & Arrow, Mounted Combat, Giants. Traveler, Gypsy, Grandeur, Magnanimous, Exploration,

Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius is one of the most exciting signs in the Zodiac and one of the most popular. How else would the sign that proceeds Capricorn the sign of Popularity, Reputation, Status and Fame, be???

For all that Sagittarius is, happens or manifest so that Capricorn IS. Ya Dig!

 Fortune, Luck, Blessings, Expansion, Prosperity all lead to Status, Fame, Reputation, Popularity, and Success. 

Sagittarius is the Last of the Fire Signs after Aries    (1st Fire Sign of the Zodiac) and Leo  (2nd Fire Sign of the Zodiac) and therefore I see it as the Final Expression of the cycle of Fire or Spirit in life which is Expansion!

Whereas Aries is the Spark of fire, it’s agitation or initiation, Leo the Illuminating Steady Light of fire, Sag is the expansion of the light all over and beyond, and thus the Shared Light, or Brilliance.

Where the sign Sagittarius is located in a horoscope will show where the themes (Such as Mental Expansion) and motif (Fortune) of the sign manifest, the why and where too. As to the how and whom, the ruler of Sagittarius Jupiter will magnify that.

   Jupiter’s location in the chart shows how the subject matter of which Sagittarius manifest through is expressed in life and under what circumstances and with whom.

Sagittarius is a sign of Big Ideas and Concepts however many will be familiar with its Archetypes. Sagittarius is the Philosopher, the College Professor, the Hunter or Ranger, The Special Forces; they are the Priesthood, Religious Leadership such as the Pope, or Cardinals and Bishops, and or Pastor or Reverend. Sagittarius is the Judge, the foreigner, the Visitor, the Alien, the Publisher or Broadcaster, it is the Higher Mind and Higher Consciousness, the Super Ego and God Consciousness. King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Sagittarius is the Emperor or Empress, King of the Gods.


Throughout the stories of Mythology the legendary archetypes of Sagittarius dazzle us, from Zeus/Jupiter, Shango, to Orion the Huntsman. Using Conceptual Astrology’s methodology, let’s “Open the Lotus” on the Mythology of Sagittarius.

Opening the Lotus is when we take a Concept or Archetype and determines it’s essential or model astrological correspondence/sign or energy and read that Sign’s energy-horoscope in comparison with the mythology, stories, history, known and documented characteristics and traits.  In this case we are examining the Lotus of Sagittarius. Here are some examples of Sagittarius via Conceptual Astrology!



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