Sagittarius lessons: The application of higher knowledge

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Sagittarius lessons : The application of higher knowledge

I wanted to share this information I got yesterday and just give it some astrological context and weave it in because I think it’s relevant.

Growing in late elementary school, middle school and in high school I was friends with this dude (Aquarius) real cool kid. Quirky.  We played kickball on the playground and this kid used to somehow baseball slide on the concrete avoid getting hit. We we’re cool, I used to go to his house after school, he lived across the street from our high school. He had a cousin that lived with him on and off and they were peas in a pod.

They were always together and so as a result I was friends with his cousin too. He is a Pisces. So we all stayed in contact and hung out probably until around 22-23. The Aquarius moved down South and lost touch with them both. People drift apart especially if geography separates us. No love lost it’s just how life goes right?

New information

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who is still in contact with the Aquarius. He said his cousin, the Pisces has been in and out of prison since our early 20s after the Aquarius went down South. I find out the Pisces is serving 720 months in state prison (life) without the possibility of parole. He was always a live wire but never developed or had the guidance to channel that energy in a positive direction. So he  did all kinds of crimes. His last chance a few years ago was gone when he was on parole and was caught with drugs and a pistol.

So I’m being told all of this and any time I get information like this, of someone I knew or know that was doing well, or at least OK.– and now they’re doing really bad or worse? It does bother me.

So I just shook my head because there’s no other way to really respond to that kind of news.

But I did decide to run his chart and I did notice something  that stuck out to me.

He had a moon in Aquarius square Mars and Pluto. This guy behavior wise was anti-social I guess you could say. I didn’t know anything about that type of thing..or astrology back then. This is when the internet was barely a thing. We had to go to the library to learn about psychological terms lol.

With this knowledge though.. of astrology, I see that he was at war with himself the entire time. And had no outlet. Redirected into athletics… combat sports, martial arts.. and could have excelled at something physical like that. He was good at basketball but a little short. On our team he still started at Point Guard.

Distractions, took him away from that however and distractions+rudderless = the position he is in now unfortunately. I don’t know much about how he ended up where he did but knowing him before.. but I could see how it happened.

I saw pics of him now and he has face tattoos now.

Now someone could have said to him, “do something about your temper”. Maybe he would have been institutionalized, who knows. Those types of outlets for black men are hard to find and deal with. But I do know what a moon square Pluto, a  moon square Mars is. I do know that physically, in his case, he needed a physical outlet that was safe — a pressure release.

What you don’t know can hurt you. Nothing can replace knowledge and wisdom, learning from the experiences of others to avoid retreading the same paths and making the same errors.

That’s why I love astrology because we can use charts to look at different people, their temperament, and their experiences with a schematic so to speak. I have moon square Pluto natally as well. my emotional pressure outlet is the gym. When I leave the gym I’m calm and have that serotonin release . With that comes ideas and brainstorms. I’m able to then sustain a focus on my work.

My main point is don’t shun tools and information just because it’s unfamiliar. Try things, and if they don’t work for you toss em. Keep track of the times the arrows land on target.


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