Can Saturn in the 1st house explain crushing Social Anxiety Disorder?

Saturn in the 1st house
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Saturn in the 1st house is an infamous astrological placement that has been written about thousands of times. Why? Because it seems to be a huge barrier to people’s success in life. When you understand the weight of Saturn it’s plain to see why this looks to be the case. Saturn’s heavy hand has its place (literally). Whether it be the 10th house or another house where its services are needed.

But when Saturn imposes itself on you personally… not a mentality, or an approach to a part of your life. But just imposes itself on your entire being, it’s a burden to bear. One way this burden I believe manifests itself as is Social Anxiety Disorder.

Let’s talk about Saturn in the 1st house


Many people with this placement bemoan it. “Why was I cursed” is how one client described it… as a curse. The truth is it is a gift and a curse. On one hand you may have been given way too much responsibility or discipline early in life. So much so that you never developed the kind of free-spirited friendships with other children that develop your social skills and those neural brain pathways that come with it.

There may have been one traumatic experience that hurt your self-esteem and made you question yourself, but more important question your parents. Since Saturn is in your 1st house this event happened very early in your life during infancy. From 0-3 years old to be more precise.

Can Saturn in the 1st house explain crushing Social Anxiety Disorder? 1

Maybe you bumped your head very hard, or got attacked by a dog, or was hurt by an adult or older child. This left an impression on you. I have to be responsible for me because nobody else kept me safe. In essence, you take on the responsibility of becoming your own parent out of survival or what you perceive as survival. All the way through life from that point you as the Saturn in 1st person, carries that guilt and burden. I say guilt because there is a sense that because you were hurt, the parents didn’t acknowledge your pain or in true stern Saturn form, said to suck it up.

You do not want to disappoint them again by getting hurt. Because getting hurt causes guilt. So you avoid the opportunities to be hurt and close up.

This burden then becomes limiting to personal growth because when you’re trying to be your own parent and avoid all pain, when do you have a chance to put your guard down? When do you have the chance to connect to anything or anyone to find out if your own fears are just lies you tell yourself in a feedback loop? F.E.A.R. False evidence appearing real. These are irrational worries based on events early in life when you were a helpless infant.


How does this tie into Social Anxiety Disorder?


This is something that came to mind based on what I know Saturn to be and know the 1st house to be. It made sense to me and you may have your own takes (if so please do share in the comment section). Social Anxiety Disorder has a broad spectrum of symptoms including avoidance of social interaction, inability to keep employment, inability to maintain relationships, self-esteem issues.

This seemed to make sense. Saturn in the first house appears to impose these kind of limitations, based on your own limiting beliefs right? But what I learned is that it is a physical limitation based on neural pathways. The years of limitations, negative feedback has changed the way your brain is wired.

People will go through a big chunk of their own lives unaware that it is a neural issue that can be corrected in the same way that neural pathways change with exercise. When you first start weight lifting and use movements you’ve never used before, your coordination might be way off, to the point that you feel goofy trying the movements. But over time you master the movement, then it becomes easy. That’s because your neural pathways are firing smoothly to those muscles now.

The brain is the same, it is a muscle after all. So rerouting neurons through exercise of the brain through specific therapies appear to alleviate issues many have with Social Anxiety Disorder.

Of course with Saturn in the first house, one of the barriers is admitting there is something amiss due to fear . But also the anxiety of taking the leap to correct your problems and the possibility of being healed. The prospect of success is also anxiety-inducing I think for many people. Because it’s a total unknown. When you conquer your S.A.D. you may find you’re so confident, you have the smarts, the drive to become a CEO, or an actor/actress. That prospect terrifies people I think.

But once you get the burden of Saturn in the first house off your back ( I think many people make big strides regardless of where Saturn is placed, by age 31), you will see that the sky is the limit and you can do so much more than you’ve allowed yourself to do. You can in fact have loving relationships, friendships. You can, in fact, be successful, whatever success means for you.

Saturn being father time, sometimes it just takes time for people to come to the realization. Maybe you didn’t come to the realization until your 40s or 50s. What I’m trying to do here is beat Saturn in the first house. If you realize this is your situation in life, don’t wait. Go see your mental health professional, go seek out books with practical therapies and exercise you can do. Don’t wait for father time.


Do you have Saturn in the 1st house natally? Do you have Social Anxiety Disorder? How have you dealt with it, what has your experience been?



  1. This is me. I have natal Saturn in the 1st house square Sun (9th) and square Pluto (9th), and I have a major social anxiety disorder. Father was nonexistent and I dealt with (many ways still dealing) traumas and limitation in my childhood that have cause me my social anxiety and also a inferiority complex.

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