Scorpio the evolutionary volume 2





In Greek mythology Orion a great warrior and giant boasted to the Goddess Artemis and her mother Leto that he would kill all the wild animals of the world. The Goddess Ge or Gaia angered by this and protective of her children, sent a Giant Scorpion to kill Orion. Zeus having watched the entire epic and finding it pleasing put Orion and the Scorpion in the constellation to celebrate Orion’s great Prowers as a warrior, and to remind great men not to be to egotistical or suffer the same fate.

In astrology the “Hunter” Archetype is Sagittarius as well this sign describes “Giants”, so conceptually we can see how Scorpio being the 12th place or Undoing, Secret Enemy, Sorrow of Sagittarius. However, going a little deeper this story speaks on the Power of Water and how it is a Challenge if not the outright Defeat of Fire. How?

Well note the nature of the Story is about a Warrior, Hunter, Son of a God, which fits all the Fire Signs conceptually via Aries the Warrior which has the sign of the hunter in the House of Greatness as well puts Scorpio in the place of its Death. Leo the son of a God has the sign of the Hunter in its place of Natural Talent and Ability and Scorpio in the 4th place a natural Square (Challenge/Struggle/Unease and the natural place of Cancer or GE i.e. Gaia or the Goddesses) and then we have Sagittarius the Hunter and Giant whom is has Scorpio as the it’s defeater. Note also that Scorpio in the 12th is indicative of a Giant Monstrous Creature for the 12th Place is the place of Monsters or Large Ferocious Animals. So again we can “gleam” from this mythology conceptually the “issues” of water and fire, of male bravado and female wisdom, of ego vs. psyche. One must not be too egotistical even if blessed with great ability, for the lower ego can and does bring upon itself, “Destruction” or “Scorpio”

In other mythologies Scorpio isn’t the Scorpion at all but the Serpent. Scorpio is indeed the sign of serpents, arachnoids, stinging and poisonous insects and birds of prey.  Even in ancient Babylon, Egypt and Hebrew the snake sheds its skin on a periodically, as well it was a symbol of ancient wisdom before “demonized” in Christianity as the trickster and liar that beguiles Adam and Even in the garden of Eden.  In history the Snake is the enemy of Man, the Bull of Heaven, and the Eagles. In its incarnation as the Snake, Scorpio takes on from Christian demonization the role of the “Devil” the tempter, and thus we find many of the lustful, jealous, murderous tendencies enhanced in story.

*Sidebar* It is my personal opinion that the archetype for Lucifer is Aquarius but that is a story for another time

Goethe (who is said to have been a Scorpio rising) created a typically Scorpion-ic figure in Faust, caught between the extremes of heaven or hell.

In Christian Astrology each one of the Apostles represents a sign of the Zodiac and Jesus the Sun, the apostle Thomas called Didymus is depicted as the Scorpio. Like the sign of Scorpio, he was very suspicious of the disciple’s story of Jesus’ appearance following the Resurrection, as he had not been present. Thomas announced the only way he would believe the story was if he could place his fingers into Jesus’ sides. Scorpios are very much the same, insisting upon touching the evidence in order to be made a believer an echo of Capricorn in the 3rd Place. John 20:25

Scorpio is identified also with the astrology of the 12 Tribes of Israel as the Tribe of Dan or the Eagle.





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