Scorpio Horoscope 2013

A blue phoenix. Representative of Scorpio’s cathartic process.

Scorpio Horoscope 2013


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio at 6:28 am est on October 21st  and will last until 4:28 pm on November 10th. Retrograding in Scorpio means that we will have to face old, and deep psychological issues that we may have filed way back in emotional file cabinet. Letting go , cleaning out this file cabinet and embracing the new (harder for fixed signs like Scorpio). This is a time for investigative work, researching answers to mysteries. The mystery can be something like a crime novel that interests you, or it can be something going on internally.  Good time for reflecting.

The other standard retrograde procedures apply as well. Making sure you backup computer files, double check contracts, double check travel plans  so on and so forth. Back taxes, debt will be an issue again even though the United States debt ceiling has been raised. “Molly” is one of the other popular drugs at the moment. With Halloween coming up, watch out for stories related to Halloween parties and these new drugs.

Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun in Scorpio will conjunct Saturn from October 24th to about November 11th.  This is a heavy time especially for those afflicted with addiction and disease. Many afflicted people look for an easy way under the heavy weight of malefic planets and aspects. The new drug “Krocodil” has taken hold of many people with devastating effects. Look for a spike related to usage.

There are reports that food stamp cuts and other austerity measures will take place during the first two weeks of November in the US. The combination of Scorpio, Saturn requires us to work harder for less. But also create lemonade out of lemons. Scorpio looks for things that are old, broken down, and need fixing and then take them to revamp them.  This type of resourceful has been the catalyst for many great inventions. So don’t be surprised if you stumble across a great idea while revamping something yourself.


New Moon in Scorpio

Time to look at new spiritual and emotionally nurturing habits and begin them. Workout regimen, yoga, going to a psychologist, praying. Whatever it is that will help you emotionally is something you should take up. Anything new revolving around resources though should be avoided until after the RX period.The new moon in Scorpio takes place November 3rd.

Full moon in Taurus

November 17th at 10:16am est there will be a full moon transit in Taurus. This the time where after you’ve acclimated yourself to your new habits , to drop the negative habits. Self defeating, destructive, negative habits should be identified and purged.

For Scorpios

For October Scorpios , the first  week or so of Scorpio there may be an urge to drink or smoke away things that may be bothering you. With the Sun and Saturn conjunct trining Neptune in Pisces there might be an urge to escape, due to a feeling of a backlog of negative feelings and emotions being dredged up and brought back to light. Second decan Scorpios will have Jupiter in Cancer to take the edge of of the Saturn -Sun conjunction.

This is your solar return month Scorpio. So it’s the time for you to reflect, and dedicate to yourself.

For the other 11 signs


Time for you to evaluate contracts, sexual relationships you may have. Assess whether or not they are worth holding on to.


Look to resolve any relationship issues you may have. Use the Jupiter in Cancer to further your career.


Focus on working , health, and fitness.


Creative endeavors will be fruitful. Romance and sex will be heightened.


Issues revolving around the family and home should get your attention now.


Focus on communication, writing , speaking and so on.  If you’re a writer look for work if you don’t have some already.


Accumulating possessions, good time for investing, checking on current investments. Making money.


Good time to recharge  batteries. And get ready for the Sagittarius transit month.


Friends and social groups are the focus. Charity work, social clubs etc.


Time to focus on career moves and working.


Focus on learning something new and more advanced.


What do you see in the near future. And what kind of Scorpio-esque type of events are taking place in your neck of the woods. Let us know!


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