Scorpio season begins : Cultivating personal power

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Scorpio season begins : Cultivating personal power.

Being that Scorpio is a fixed water Mars sign (not a Pluto sign), the theme of personal power and strength is one that is interwoven into Scorpio. The Sun transited into Scorpio early this morning and with this transit of course comes those themes of power and courage. I often talk about the transiting Sun and moon as clock hands. And this season is where we deal with personal issues and feedback loops  that give us power or steal power.

That’s what the lunar cycles are about under this Sun sign, and what the month is for. It’s about the death of our old selves, negative or unfruitful patterns. Then like a snake, shedding our old skin to grow a new identity and direction.

One of our best assets to increase our personal power is knowledge. On Twitter the other day, might have been yesterday…  I talked about a book I wanted to share with everyone.  I think this book is incredible for the purposes of realizing personal power . This book is called the 12 Rules For Life by Jordan B. Peterson. You may have heard of Dr. Peterson recently as he’s gotten negative press for his political views. To me he appears to be a deep thinker and doesn’t come to conclusions lightly, and this big is very valuable. There are dovetailing themes within 12 Rules For Life, and Outwitting the Devil. Each rule is given context by a story or metaphor. He can be wordy (Gemini Sun, Aquarius moon, Mercury Gemini), but it’s well worth it in my opinion. I wanted to touch on rule 4.

Rule 4: Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

I’m not going to get into the details of this rule and what stories he used to get the point across. I wanted to talk about the meaning of this rule in general. I see people on social media– day after day, go after other people, other people who don’t have any impact or effect on their lives. This age in time is the comparative Olympics but run amok. It’s always been there. Before the internet it was about you having the best car on your block, you we’re in a race to out do your neighbor(s). They bought a Benz C-Class and you had to buy the E-Class. Ultimately what you ended up with was two poorer unhappy people.

Now it just has extended to social media. Where it’s open season on everything.

I say that to say this, people who are wielding their personal power are probably too obsessed with what they’re doing to “pocket watch” or worry about what people they don’t even know are doing.  I think that this rule is really the most fundamental rule of life. It’s something that can be applied when you’re a child. Most of the other rules apply to adults or an age later than your teenage years.

True Story

Every day for a number of years I’d go to this store before work to get a breakfast sandwich. Across the street was a small park. I used to see these 4 elder gentleman always sitting around talking. So one day I walk by them and strike up a conversation. And we start talking about local political issues and a host of other things. I share my personal opinions, we debated a little, and then parted ways.

I did this for a number of months until it was too cold and I didn’t want to be outside. They’d all be there like clock work, older folks are up very early so I was never surprised to see them outside at 7 am or 8 am. Over time what I’d noticed is the conversations were probably 50-60% gripes about things that happened to them or opportunities they were robbed of. I noticed they were beaten down by life and that spark that youth brings had left them. But what I also noticed, is the valuable time they did have left, was spent bs’ing. Many of the same habits of youth carried into old age.

See .. their conversations were focused so much on others that the 4 men forgot that they were alive, and still had valuable time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re spending so much of your valuable time worrying about others on social media, that you will be those same 4 old men in the future, just with better technology.  That thought frightens me personally. This is the crux of rule 4:

You don’t have time to worry about others

If you love yourself, your life, you will find better things to worry about. Don’t give away your time, and power so freely. Harness it and cultivate it.


Scorpio season begins : Cultivating personal power 1

This book is available on audio book, CD, hardcover, paperback. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already read it.

12 Rules Of Life : An Antidote To Chaos


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