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Scorpio: The Alchemist and the phoenix

Scorpio the phoenix Astrochologist

The Alchemist and the phoenix

The phoenix

Scorpio season is winding down now. We have about another week to go, but I wanted to share something that I believe is valuable to the Scorpions out there. Everyone actually because every person is a Scorpio somewhere in their chart and somewhere in life.

The phoenix and Scorpio have a very close relationship. The symbolism of the phoenix rising from the ashes as a more powerful, developed being is part of the Scorpio lore. Someone who through self-work and determination builds them self into an indomitable force. Often times after huge setbacks and defeats, only to come out stronger.  This is the phoenix.

I see Scorpio as the phoenix. A Mars sign much different than Aries. Scorpios are in competition with themselves. Scorpio is more self-effacing, behind the scenes, trying to outdo themselves rather than trying to outdo everyone else like Aries.

Part of outdoing ourselves is allowing parts of us to die off. We can only improve if we’re a better person today than we were yesterday. And part of Scorpio’s archetype is death, rebirth, and the underworld. Scorpio accepts that maggots, parasites, and other critters exist for a reason. Those critters all there to feed, clean up dead life forms, and facilitate new life.(Taurus).

So that’s what Scorpio does, Scorpio accepts that death must happen in order for life to advance. This must happen to become the phoenix. Some signs and temperaments are simply not built for that kind of introspection and making those hard choices.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist  (which I highly recommend everyone read, the cover even has two Phoenixes on it) is an adventurous story on it’s face. You have someone who goes on a journey to find treasure, cliche right? I don’t want to give away too much.

But the story is really a metaphor for a host of things. Mainly being self conscious enough to look for signs and guidance in places we wouldn’t expect. Also literally following dreams and intuition.

At a higher level, it’s about transformation. When Santiago meets the alchemist, he learns that he has abilities that give him powers he’s never even imagined. He was willing to take a risk to go on the hero’s journey. He’s able to turn iron into gold. Just like a person dedicated to their own physical transformation can turn fat into muscle.

Phoenix in the flesh

Let me give you example of how this hero’s journey relates to Scorpio. A few years ago I saw a documentary. The name of the doc and the man in the doc, I can’t remember. (I Googled it while writing with no success). This man went coast to coast across South America on foot. It started off on a rapid, he was with about 6 other people that were supposed to make the trek with him. Two weeks in, the entire rest of his party decided they had enough, and went home. Yet this man went on alone. And  after a year and a half, and with the help of some natives of the Amazon, Brazil, and Peru, he made it to the coast of Brazil. His birthday was November 1975. I remember he had a Sun. Mercury, Scorpio. I can’t think of a better phoenix… and hero’s journey example.

Bottom line is this, you have the ability to transform completely if that is what you want to do. For better or for worse it’s possible. Look at where Scorpio is in your chart and you’ll be able to identify the parts of yourself that are constantly changing  or where you’re being forced to change even against your will. There might be a reason you’re being forced to change. It could be your version of Santiago’s dream.

Below are two links to the book, as an Author I will always advocate paying authors. But I’ve provided a free link as well.

The Alchemist Free

The Alchemist Paid


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