Scorpio: The evolutionary volume 1




Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Scorpio    is a very popular and powerful sign of the zodiac. Known as the premiere sign of Sex, Death, and Evolution, it is definitely a zodiac powerhouse. 

In ancient times the sign Scorpio is ruled by the energetic Mars and in modern times it is ruled by the erratic, powerful and mysterious Pluto .  

Its symbols are the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix. It is a fixed water sign and the midpoint in the water trinity

Scorpio is often thought to be a deep and complicated sign, very intense and magnetic and thus why it is the master of sex appeal and sexuality. However let’s use “Conceptual Astrology” application of the CAM1 Method and open up the hood of Scorpio and peer inside.

Scorpio personality Key words


Magnetic, Powerful, Extreme, Intense, Deep, Psychological, Piercing, Penetrating, Jealous, Resenting, Taboo, Occult, Mysterious, Loyal.

Now when one sees or hears about those personality key words we have to wonder why that is, but first let’s go over the governing jurisdiction of Scorpio and slowly peer behind the veil of this so called “Mysterious Sign”



Scorpio rules sex, death, rebirth, resurrection, healing, regeneration, recuperation, surgery, injury (by penetration or piercing) the deep psychological self, orgasms, procreation, DNA, massive change, power, manipulation, jealousy, intensity, extremity, debt, loans, other people’s possessions and finances, joint finances and property, the morality of partnerships, the value of partnerships, credit, taxes, legacies, inheritance, the reproduction system and sexual organs, transformation, the underworld, criminal minded, resentment, extreme temperatures, extreme conditions or environment, frozen water or ice, waste, sanitation, recycling, purging, elimination, probing, willpower, rejuvenation, reptiles, birds of prey, insects, ruin , rape, occult, taboo, alchemy, chemistry (not chemicals that is Pisces) excretory system, destruction, nilism, the phoenix, metamorphosis , renewal , purification, desire, temptation, murder, the colors burgundy and deep or dark red,  plutonium, and magic users such as witches, warlocks, magi, and etc.

Ok, so we have our Scorpio ruler ship or corresponding Key words, and by the way don’t be afraid to add some more to this list. However, now that we have that list, let’s also look at what you would learn about personality traits of Scorpio as you would in most Astrological Literature, however we are going to do something that isn’t normally done in those writings, we will penetrate the core of Scorpio and see WHY those traits are indicative of a Scorpio (Rising or Sun).

Again, Scorpio is intense, magnetic, penetrating, intense, secretive, mysterious, extreme, resentful, jealous, manipulative, loyal, sexual, brooding, resourceful, dynamic, inscrutable, patient, willful, and criminal minded, mystical, deeply psychological and emotional, controlled, determined, unstoppable, distrusting, violent, and possessive, right?

But Why??? Well here is what “most” astrological books are not revealing; The Why! So let’s Open the Lotus of Scorpios and find out exactly why all those Personality Key words are indicative of Scorpio the Evolutionary. ‘



♏+ 1St = Intense, Magnetic, Deeply Psychological, Extreme, and Passionate because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and co ruled by Mars

♐+ 2nd = Scorpios value mental expansion, philosophy, religion with Sagittarius in the 2nd House. Their self worth is base of their own personal experiences.

♑ + 3rd = Scorpios communicate directly, often coldly, they are calculative thinkers and often are controlled speakers with Capricorn in the 3rd House. This is also why they are stubborn, having this earth sign in the house of mentality. They are successful planners and strategist.  This configuration is why so many take Scorpio’s the wrong way, for what they say can often be cold, commanding, ridged and breaking.

+ 4th = Scorpios tend to live in various places, experience sudden upheaval in their home or upbringing, have a rough or tough parenting style, love to live in airy places, wish to have family. Aquarius in the 4th denotes an erratic upbringing or one where they often room or live with groups or friends or maybe raised by others.

+ 5th = Scorpios love mystery, privacy, secrets, visual imagery and art and have a natural talent for such things indicative of Pisces such as the movie industry, photography, dancing, swimming, sea food, the sea  and activities such as boating, snorkeling. They love the supernatural, the unknown and revealing those things since these position trines the ascendant. This is why Scorpios love deep, and become obsessive or even addictive when in love. They have a natural talent for fashion, glamour and this is why too they often portray a “cool” or “hidden” visage with this position trine the ascendant as well. Scorpio’s savior complex comes directly from this position, and this lends also to why so many of them are born prophets. Subtlety, Subversion, Intrigue, Manipulation, as well as deep compassion and creative vision is a natural ability of Scorpios.  Scorpio’s are naturally gifted Dancers, Swimmers, and Visual Artist, they can excel in the photography, imagery, fashion , movie and medical & music industries with Pisces being in the house of their creativity and talent.  Again->  Scorpios LOVE MUSIC, LOVE VISUAL ART, LOVE DANCING and make some of the most passionate and intense performers in the world.

+ 6th = Scorpios are risk takers when it involves work or their health, they are initiators and often attempt to diagnosis their own health issues, and even resolve them, with
Aries in the sixth this too adds to why they make such good surgeons, and can work with and deal with blood, trauma, and injuries. Scorpios are naturals at fast pace action oriented jobs, and often take charge and assert their leadership in the work place. Scorpio’s health can quickly turn for better or worse, for they have a swift metabolism and often a strong physique. They are competitive at work and in the work out place.  Scorpios have very fast metabolisms and thus with Aries in the sixth, that Aries in the sixth trine (120 Degrees apart) to the 2nd House of eating, taste and foods with Sagittarius there is an indication to why so many Scorpios especially the Risings sign are like Human Garbage Disposals, they literally have the appetites of Giants.  Also when Scorpios are not mindful of their health regiment they tend to show through illness dealing with the head, sinuses or blood.

+ 7th =; Scorpios have Taurus in the 7th Place of Partnerships, this adds to why they are so possessive of their partners and partnerships, why they keep their words, and hold others to mutual agreements. They value balance, fairness and harmony in personal relationships and hold their best friends in high regard. They are steady, enduring and stubborn in relationships tend to do well financially with partners. They adore physical beauty and have a healthy respect for keeping the body in shape and those that do so. Greed and possessiveness can be a struggle for them especially  for their loved ones and closest associates whom they often feel are “theirs” and must beware of trying to “own” their friends and partnerships.  Scorpios also value partners whom are financially stable and are a sucker for a good business deal.

+ 8th = the death or transformation of Scorpio is Gemini. Thus they go through a variety of Metamorphosis and massive change. This also indicates the LUNGS or breathing issues and diseases run relevant in their death or near death situations, as well as injury to the nervous system and or the hands, arms, fingers and collarbone, also injury or disease of the message carrying functions of the brain.  Asthma, Bronchitis, Lung Disease, Underdeveloped lungs and nervous system, or birth defects dealing with the hands, fingers and arms are prominent indicators of Scorpio at the ascendant if these issues are relevant at birth.  Gemini in the 8th makes for a versatile sexuality, as well as individuals whom value “mind sex” or sex which incorporates the hands a lot. Scorpio’s love to talk dirty or have sex talk, and sexuality dealing with breathing such as Tantric, as well Gemini in the 8th speaks to why they are so mentally and psychologically deep.  Gemini in the 8th house of surgery speaks to Scorpio having a natural affinity with using their hands to Heal, or Destroy and thus why they make “killers” for they have the natural hands, agility and mentality for it. Gemini in the 8th is the Messenger of the Resurrection and thus the arc typical energy acquired or learned by those whom teach the path of rebirth.  Scorpios hold the mind as riches. They often acquire an occult library or collect literature on improving finances, how to do taxes, etc

♋+ 9th = Cancer in the 9th Place if the fortune of Scorpio, hence why so many Scorpios are seriously protective of their mother or mother figures, they are immensely protective and can be really over protective of women, family, parents or those that equate to those figures in their life. Scorpios often strive to have great or very big homes, and a comfortable and grand home life, they benefit greatly from drink plenty of water and this is also why I personally “think” a lot of Scorpio risings have that 8 pack stomach! LOL… Scorpio’s often benefit from women, family or parents; as well they are greatly attuned to emotionality.  Great Wisdom comes to Scorpio after their Mental Transformations (Gemini to the 8th gives way to Cancer in the 9th )

+ 10th = Success for Scorpio is Leo, being the Queen or King, thus the best careers for Scorpio are those that involve them being the absolute boss, or the administrator. This is why they make such Great Actors with the sign of Drama in the 10th Place. A Scorpio with a purpose is an extremely powerful individual, almost godlike in certain instances, and Leo in the 10th magnifies their ability to command others or bring their will to bear. A Scorpio in love finds their highest potentials realized, and they take great pride in their children, whom often are very successful and achieve modicum of fame in their careers because of their Scorpio parent’s extreme drive and motivation. When they say Scorpios are Loyal, it is a direct indication of Leo in the 10th House, for loyalty to their lovers is one of their karmic life challenges.  Many great Kings and Royalty had Scorpio at the ascendant.

+ 11th = Scorpio tend to make friends for “specific” and “particular” reasons, many of their friends are business partners or people they network within the business world.  They just don’t make any kind of friends; as well many of their friends share a common affinity with them mostly mental or health wise. They always are making friends at the gym or at the work place, and maintain some sort of working relationship with their friends.  The organizations they tend to gravitate to are indeed health organizations or humanitarian orgs focused on service and work in the community and environment.  With Virgo in the 11th Scorpios make very efficient advisors to their friends and associates.

♎+ 12th = Scorpios all seems to have a psychic connections to their closest friends , partners and spouses, they just seem to “know” without knowing if they are in danger, upset, out of balance. With Libra in the 12th their relationships or the way they relate to others can be their own undoing, they often can be victims of mental imbalances such as bi-polar-ism. Fairness can be an issue with a Scorpio and often they turn their closest friends, partners, associates and significant others against them.  Balancing between the spirit and mundane worlds, heaven and hell is the Karmic Debt of Scorpio, and as well as harmony in their relationships, and they find “grace” when they are able to do so.  Scorpios have issues relating to others, and it is this crux which also lends to their reputation as being cold, aloof, distant or shunning, however when they can “balance” or bring into some kind of harmony or mutual agreement with others, they find it easy to show their sensitive, deeply aesthetic and compassionate side.

Ok, now that we have run through the 12 Petals of the Scorpio Lotus, let’s go into the history, mythology, and imagery surrounding this sign.



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