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Serena Williams Natal Chart



Serena Williams is what I would consider an under-appreciated all time sports legend. She and her sister Venus are elite athletes groomed by father Richard, and mother Oracene. Growing up under their parents tutelage from a very young age they have been groomed to be and have matured into world beaters. Venus was projected to be the top athlete in the crew and for some time was, but Serena has developed into arguably the best woman’s Tennis player in history. As I look through her natal chart I believe that Serena was destined to be great. She currently stands 3 grand slam titles away from #1 all-time in Grand Slam singles titles. Let me share why and how by breaking down her natality.

Serena Williams natal chart




Serena’s Sun in Libra is conjunct Saturn in Libra. Her upbringing was dominated by her father in particular. It’s clear to me that at a young age he was prepping them for life with a discipline. This happens to be the sport of Tennis. Her Moon in Virgo squaring Neptune in Sagittarius shows that her relationship with her mother is better. Seeing her as a more loving figure in the spirit of the planet Venus. Virgo Moons are hard on themselves and strive for perfection. They are very self critical, this is something that is internal however and shared only with her closest confidantes.

She has a singleton Mercury in Libra right on the descendant which is an extroverted communicator.Skilled at relating to others even if it’s not out of want. Her Venus in Scorpio is very apparent physically by her facial features. She is a Libra and that does represent beauty, and her ascendant is Taurus which also represents Venus (which manifests itself in a sturdy, strong build. But there is something deeper there if you look at her face. Deep set eyes and thick eyebrows indicate this to me.  Lastly, Mars in Leo is in my opinion  the best Mars to have in terms of athletics. It’s not as explosive as Mars Aries or versatile as Mars in Sagittarius, but has more willpower than these other Fire Mars placements when challenged. Mars in Leo people hate to be embarrassed almost more than anything else. Pride and dignity must be preserved at all costs especially when being watched by millions of people around the world. Mars in Leo also loses their athleticism much later in life than other Mars placements.  Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon are the Mars in Leo athletes of note I like to use as the standard. Serena’s Mars and Venus form a fixed square. Being that Venus in Scorpio is obsessive and often insatiable, she works constantly towards achievement and accolades but is never quite content.

33-years-old tennis players that are ranked #1 are like flying pigs. Yet Serena still maintains the hunger, discipline, and athleticism to be at the top of her game. Credit to her hard work, her parents, coach, and siblings… also to the stars for the alignment they were in when she was born .

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