Sirius partial solar eclipse, 1/4/2011 reminders.

Solar eclipse map of path on earth
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January 4th, the sun will oppose the sun of the natal  USA at 13 degrees Capricorn. The eastern world will be able to witness a solar eclipse on January 4th. The US will have to wait until 2012.

here is a list of times and places:

The USA is also experiencing a Saturn return at the moment as well. Every time the USA experiences a Saturn return there appears to be nefarious military activity and action as well.  This is important because the Sun is squaring natal Saturn and the transiting Saturn. This next few months will be a wake up call and really put the ball in the peoples court to either take the initiative to fix societal problems , or to let justice  slip away (example: TSA’s methods of screening passengers now). The legal system’s integrity will go through a strenuous test.

Some other events that occurred during this transit:

– Civil War

– Korean War ends and Iranian military coup

If you are in D.C. you will want to be on the mall at midnight of  the 3rd going into the 4th.  Powerful energy from the Sirius star can be received. For more info on that go to Http://

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