The astrology of A.D.D.


No matter where you come from, I’m sure in this day and time you have not been able to get  away from hearing about this supposed new breed of children that all have some sort of attention disorder. ADD ( attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are the two most well known and prevalent. Are these really disorders? Are they just attributes of an astrological imprint? I want to explore this a little bit because by labeling certain people this way is very irresponsible and simply dismissive of their individual strengths and attributes.


The astrology of A.D.D.

Attention deficit disorder is at an all time high and the over drugging of children has been well documented by many health experts and researchers such as Gary Null. Now, public schools are organized in a one size fits all formula. If you can’t conform to the program you are deemed a “special needs” student or “special education” student. It is my view that public schools just fail to identify and cultivate an individuals strengths. It is very easy to dismiss someone as “special” because you cannot understand how their mind is operating or they simply can’t fall in line with how the majority is operating. This is why “school” and “education” are very different. I believe I’ve said this before but I will say it again. I think of school like a school of fish, everyone is going the same direction at all times. That’s not an education in my opinion. Education would give the individual a custom toolbox that allows them to use their strengths to turn lemons into lemonade.

This is what I really came  to say. There are many astrological aspects and placements that would simply give a child ADD or ADHD tendencies (so that their way of education or “schooling” would simply have to be of a different kind). Example, an Aries (fire sign) that will not sit still in an English literature class. Well I don’t think this child has any disorder he is just a fire sign ruled by mars, planet of war. His soul yearns for competition, combat. Turning English literature into an active discussion might spark his interest. A math class of some sort, like statistics or calculus. Most likely a detail oriented Capricorn, or Virgo will definitely thrive in such a class. You put a big picture sign in the same class, like Sagittarius or Aquarius. They will probably struggle mightily with all the intricate details of the process.  So because Calculus puts these people to sleep does that mean they have a disorder? Of course not. Depending on where their planet mercury is placed. These traits can be modified a bit. If an Aquarian has their mercury in Capricorn for example. Intricate processes will be much easier for them than an Aquarian with mercury in Aquarius  or mercury in Pisces.

I just truly believe that the education of children needs to be handled mostly by parents. Which is unfortunate because of our overworked society this time isn’t available to most. It is critical however. The parents must know their child and my suggestion is that parents get astrological natal charts done for their children. It will give you insight as to how they are wired so that even when/if the public school system relegates them to special education, you will know that there is nothing wrong with them, it’s just that they don’t fall into the cookie cutter mold.


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