Societal upheaval….. | Uranus in Aries.


Societal upheaval..... | Uranus in Aries. 1
Cool and detached Uranus dipped it’s toes into the sign of Aries from May to August 2010 before retrograding into Pisces again, and in May of 2011 Uranus will go direct in Aries again for 7 more years.

Uranus is revolution, evolution, and brings instability. However, cool, calm, and detached Aquarius is an air sign meaning Uranus is comfortable in areas of the mind, and objectivity. Let’s think about this, let’s change this structure, this foundation. But bring about the change in the mental sphere and in a more selfless, and humanitarian manner.

Uranus in Aries background

Uranus in a fire sign, mars ruled no less, is much, much different. Mars goes for theirs, mars is not concerned with others, and mars is physically violent. Fire consumes and fire is wild. It should be noted, for historical reference, that the last Uranus in Aries period was in between World War 1 and 2, during the great depression ( 1928-1935).
Right now would be a great time to read into the past, and learn as much about that period as one can to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Uranus in 2011
In this time period in the U.S. and around the world we are witnessing volitility and strife on levels not seen for a long time. The economic situation for the U.S. is dire with China no longer supporting the dollar as a reserve currency. North and South Korea appear to be going at it once again. The very foundations of various societies seem to be on the brink of implosion.

This is how Uranus in Aries will express itself in my opinion. Violent upheaval. Discontented masses trying to re-shape the picture by protesting and insurrection. Since Uranus also rules technology, I expect to see some frightening advances in military technology (what I call wreck-nology) to be shown and demonstrated for the first time during this period. Uranus is “knowing”, so things that have been hidden, riddled with dis/misinformation, during the Uranus in Pisces/Neptune period will be in our faces and showing their ugly heads in Aries. Neptune/Pisces is deception and Mars/Aries is head-on.

What does it mean for the U.S.?

Uranus in Aries will oppose the United States Libra Ascendant. Ties will be broken, the U.S. will be seen as an unreliable, untrustworthy ally, and new ties will be formed. Alliances will be made that will most definitely be frowned upon by many. The country may be seen as a rebel and on it’s own in the global community.

How to counter-act the negative effects.

Embody and promote Uranus in Libra traits and characteristics. Attempt to bring peace to unnecessary conflicts, try to bring objective fairness and justice into all situations. Music can be used to heal and sooth the physical pain and strife. With the chaos that Aries brings, Libra brings balance and order. Bringing some order on a local level in the midst of chaos will be a must. Citizens can do this and have done this in the past. It will have to be done again, citizen policing and the like. We can look at the most recent Uranus in Aries period, and empower ourselves with the vast knowledge available, to make it relatively smooth sailing.

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