Spiritual Spring Cleaning


Spiritual Spring Cleaning:

The arrival of spring is a good time for cleansing your home as well as your spirit. Spring is the best season to enjoy nature’s beauty and people get excited about the fresh start of this new season. Once you finish cleaning all the areas in your home, you can likely feel a sense of pride,accomplishment, and joy. Just like cleaning your home and garden, you will also need spiritual cleaning so that you can get closer to God and be prepared for his kingdom work.

While cleaning all your furniture, closets, and bookshelves in your home, you should also take some time for your own spiritual cleansing. Spring cleaning of your home will make you happy just for one season, but if you really want to achieve happiness and heal your heart, body, and soul then spiritual cleansing is the only way.

You can’t meditate and think about the creator if your house is surrounded by dust and clutter. You need to first clean your home and throw out all unused items in the garbage. You can also decorate your home with fresh flowers.. There are few guidelines listed below which can help you attain eternal happiness, enlightenment, and prosperity with spiritual spring cleaning.


  • Clean your body which is your temple:


Our body is the temple of our soul and cleaning our body is an important step towards Spring Cleaning. You should take a cool shower and remove all   dirt from your body. You can take bath in healing waters which can help you detoxify your body. You can also take aromatic oil massage to get rid of all the bad odors in your body. Once you detoxify and cleanse your body thoroughly, you can start your prayers and meditation which will help you receive the blessings of the creator.


  • Cleanse your heart and commence the purging process:


The next step towards spring cleaning is allowing your heart to be cleansed. You should get rid of all excess ego and pride and fill your heart with humility and love. You should cleanse of your heart from all the negative emotions like pride, fear, jealousy and anger. You should recognize your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Similar to cleaning all the unused items and dirt in your home, you should also get rid of all the junk which is cluttering up your heart such as anger, gossip, hatred and ego. You should fill your heart with clean and healthy thoughts such as love, peace, and affection.

  1. Confess all your past sins to the creator and ask for forgiveness:

You should take spiritual inventory of your life and think about all the transgressions you have committed in the past. It’s the first step towards cleansing your spirit. You should remove all the impure motives from your mind and repent for all the hidden sins that you have committed in the past in order to lead a guilt-free life.


  • Get rid of your anger and temptations and nurture self-control:


The next step towards spiritual cleansing is getting rid of all the anger and temptations in your mind. Anger can lead to frustration and you will end up hurting someone you love. You should learn to control your emotions and fill your heart with positive feelings such as joy, peace and kindness. Even a small act of kindness that you show towards others can make a significant and positive impact in their life.



  • Get rid of disbelief and fill your heart with faith:



If your heart is filled with incredulity and doubt, then you will never be able to reach closer to the creator. The creator showers blessings and love only to people who have unwavering faith . So you should get rid of all the cynicism in your mind and replace it with hope and earnest belief towards the creator. If you believe in the creator, you shall be blessed with eternal joy and happiness in your life.



  • Get rid of revenge and bitterness and fill your heart with forgiveness and love:



If you believe revenge is the only way to pay back the people who hurt you in the past, then your heart will be always filled with bitterness and cruel intentions to harm others. You should have self-control and do what is right in the eyes of the creator. Even if someone has offended you in the past, you should leave it up to God for punishing them and you should get rid of anger and bitterness against them.


You should try to live at peace even with your enemies and people who hurt you. If you are unwilling to forgive others and fill your heart with bitterness, then you will become a prisoner held in bondage of your own making. You should learn to forgive others and reconcile if possible. You should also learn to resolve conflicts in a smooth manner. You can also seek help from spiritual advisors who can assist you in healing from past traumas and losses.



  • Stop complaining and start rejoicing every moment of your life:



Some people often complain about the problems in their everyday life and forget to rejoice all the positive things they have got. They take life too seriously and always complain about things which they don’t have. You should learn to laugh and feel happy about the things you are already blessed with in life. You should also praise the creator for all the good things he has offered you and rejoice each and every moment in life. You should also learn to share your happiness and joy with others. You should learn to laugh at yourself and have fun with your friends and family.



  • Nurture a healthy relationship with the creator:



The important step towards salvation and spiritual cleansing is getting closer to the creator and having a healthy relationship with him. You should involve God in all the small and big moments of your life. You should open-up your heart and allow God’s presence in each and every part of your life. You should get rid of your spiritual indifference and allow God’s presence in your everyday life. If you nurture a friendly relationship with the creator, you won’t have to do spiritual cleansing every year since the creator is always with you.


You should replace all the bad thoughts in your mind with pure and healthy thoughts. You should organize yourself and start working towards your goals. You can get help from psychic advisors who can assist you with spiritual cleansing and healing your soul.


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