Spring Equinox 2019 and the full moon in Libra

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Spring Equinox 2019

I brand new year will begin when the Sun transits into Aries at 5:58 pm EST on March 20th, 2019. This signals a brand new energy, an energy of renewal. This is something you might feel around this time. New vibrant energy is teeming and excitement for the near future is apparent.

This day is in celebration of the Sun crossing moves across the cosmic equator, denoting the equality of day and night in the Northern hemisphere. Longer days and shorter nights until the Summer solstice in Cancer.

This period of time is what I consider the true New Year and a time to start new quests, utilizing the power and singularity of purpose of Mars and Aries.

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Spring Equinox 2019 and the full moon in Libra 1

Full moon in Libra

This is a very early full moon, which will take place on March 20th as well, at 9:42 pm est at 0 degrees Libra.  This super moon is the first big cosmic event of the year.

This full moon is all about defining your boundaries and putting yourself first. We have to look at the ways we compromise ourselves for the sake of peace. You ever swallow your pride even though you were right? Or had every right to assert your position? This event asks us to revisit and evaluate that part of your life. If you’re not asserting yourself when necessary, it’s at your expense. Document, journal those times when you’ve unfairly compromised yourself and assess how you can respond differently next time.

Aries as a sign, is all about asserting self, courageously, unapologetically. Have you ever heard an Aries apologize?

The ram is always about forwards, never backwards.Click To Tweet

Apologies speak to regret. Aries isn’t that sentimental. That’s where the cardinal square of Aries and Cancer clash.

The Aries challenge is all about teaching you how to this cosmic energy to assert yourself create successful outcomes. I speak about the right time to begin in The Aries Challenge But this full moon is the table setter for what’s to come on the horizon.


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