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Our family histories are unique to us and tell a special story about the places we’ve come from. Many of us pick up ticks and traits from our parents and grandparents. There are also many hidden traits and habits that we express as well that we may or may not be fond of. Certain traits and trends that we want to end in our lineage but can’t quite put a finger on them.

This reading’s goal is to accomplish just that. I analyze the charts of parents and grandparents ( depending on availability of birth data) and look for trends in your particular lineage. I will search for patterns of sign, planetary aspects, elements, and the ascendant (if available).

Explore your history through cosmos with an Astrogeneology reading.

Required : Birth date, Birth place of you, your parents, and both sets of grandparents.

Recommended : Birth time of you, your parents, and both sets of grandparents. ( For accurate ascendant sign).

Expect completion in 3-4 days.

Each reading comes with follow up consultation.

*Non-refundable service*

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