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Astrological Career Report


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Find the right career path for you

“What is the right career for me?” This is one of life’s great questions. We often wonder if the career chosen will make us happy, will we make a lot of money, will there be a good work/life balance.

Finding a career that fits you can actually check all of the above boxes. Because if it makes you happy, you’ll do a good job at it, and if you’re generally enjoying life… work will come easy.

The key is finding those fields.

Astrological Career Reading

In this report :

  • I break down which type of fields fit your astrological temperament, sect, hemisphere and quadrant emphasis.
  • The planets associated with career outlook in your particular chart
  • Houses associated with career outlook in your particular chart
  • Lists of prospective fields to research that fit your strengths


What I’ll need from you in the notes section of the checkout page

  • Place of birth, time of birth, date of birth.


With the purchase:

1 x report delivered via email in about 2-3 business days

1 x client forum access

Time until delivery:

PDF via Email in 3-5 business days. Check your spam folder.


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