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Natal Chart Astrology Reading

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Natal Chart Astrology Readings are an amazing tool

For thousands of years Astrologers have taken the skymap of the time and location of one’s birth, and have interpreted the map, unveiling all of a person’s inclinations and tendencies.

Now, today, this skymap is still being read in order to discover what was hidden about a person. The Natal Chart is our inner and outer profile, an extraordinary tool of self-discovery.

Uncover your personal truth with a Natal Chart astrology reading today.


Includes :

A full color Natal Chart

Full color zodiac natal chart that shows the geometry, planetary signs, house placements, nodes, and more. The visual representation of your unique birthday.

Sign placement descriptions

Each planet is under a sign in your natal chart, these descriptions are important as a base of personal understanding. You’e not only made of your Sun sign, but many other signs that have a specific purpose for you.

House descriptions

These planets and signs fall into different houses, these describe where you’re inclined to focus your attention. And we can discuss how to channel energy elsewhere when it’s lacking in a particular place.


The face, the first impression. The ascendant sign is the table setter for your entire chart. Understanding your ascendant will help you identify the type of energy you give and how you can use it to your advantage.

Aspect descriptions

Your planets were having a conversation when you were born, some were having a constructive dialogue, and others were arguing. Find out how this planetary dialogue has influence in your own life.

North node description

The North Node shows us where we must improve and where we must let go. Characteristics that need to be cultivated to fulfill our destinies. Find out how and why yours is important.

All readings are done manually so allow 2-3 business days for delivery to your e-mail.

1 review for Natal Chart Astrology Reading

  1. Dia (verified owner)

    I just recently received a natal chart reading, it very insightful and I highly recommend this! I will purchase more readings in the near future.

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