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Synastry (Relationship) Chart Reading

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In a relationship and wonder about the timing? Or wonder about little issues here and there that bother you about a partner? A synastry chart reading is for you then.

Synastry is the astrological art of creating a bi-wheel out of two individual  natal charts in order to compare and contrast in order to see out in sync two people are. I look into the highs and lows of coupling. With a synastry chart, we can compartmentalize difference parts of a relationship so that you and your partner can work towards a better understanding.



Includes: Bi-wheel chart, analysis of signs, house placements, and planetary aspects.

Required : You and your partner’s birth time, birth place, and birth date. If a birth time is not available, the house placements will not be accurate. Please add all relevant birth data to the order notes.

All readings are done manually, please allow 2-3 business days for completion.

*Non- refundable purchase.

1 review for Synastry (Relationship) Chart Reading

  1. Ashley Robinson

    Seth’s reading was very practical and applicable to the questions I had. I know a bit about astrology and I felt his reading had the perfect balance of ‘astro talk’ and ‘layman’s terms’. It was very easy to understand what he was saying. I feel very confident in using the information Seth very quickly and smoothly dispensed moving forward.

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